Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of October 30, 2023


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of October 30, 2023


Judy Note:

·         Sat. 28 Oct. Over 32 governors and top Military officials have been summoned to the Pentagon:

·         Sat. 28 Oct. President Trump’s 2nd Declaration of Independence

·         Douglas Macgregor’s Last WARNING – “In 24 hours EVERYTHING changes for the U.S., Iran is Ready”

·         The Biden Administration has been found liable by a House of Representatives Committee (the House has the sole power of impeachment) for “Crimes Against Humanity” due to illegally ran foreign and domestic business dealings. Joe Biden's Impeachment is Looking More Likely

·         The US was already in a transition period away from the 1871 Corp Act which gave US tax payer monies away to the Khazarian Mafia/Rothschild controlled private corporations of Washington DC, the Vatican, City of London, Buckingham Palace and State of Israel – all of which were now officially bankrupt – the State of Israel completing it’s transition as of Tues. 31 Oct. 2023.

·         Removing Joe Biden was basically removing the US from Khazarian Mafia/ Rothschild control of our country.

·         Since the National Defense Authorization Act was passed in 2017 we have been under “Continuity of Government” (COG) law, or Military Law. The Military was founded first in our Nation, which means they are now over every branch of government, including the president.

·         The Department of Defense (DOD) has already established a presidential transitional order that became effective on February 3rd 2023.

·         Trump has been biding his time, waiting to step in and save the country. This is massive – the end of the Deep State.

A. Global Currency Reset:


·         Sat. 28 Oct. Alex Collier: “The Dinar went international on Fri. 27 Oct. The new international rate should be on the Forex Mon. 30 Oct. On Fri. 27 Oct. they began pulling 3,600 US troops out of Iraq so Iraq could declare Iraq a Sovereign Nation, likely around Mon. 30 Oct. Two days ago President Trump said the next 7-8 days would be ones to be remembered.”

·         Sat. 28 Oct. MarkZ: “They have a lot of anticipation between now and the 1st of Nov.  Lots of chatter for a rate change by the 1st. They are still cracking down on leaks from the groups and historic bond circles, so it’s very difficult to get updates. I am not hearing anything negative and Bond folks still think by Nov.4th.”

·         Sun. 29 Oct. Wolverine: “Great news coming from Colombia. They had a meeting and no one was to take their cell phones inside for security reasons. What came out was fantastic news. They are ready to go. Just hold on guys and have faith we are definitely close now. Already in South America some people have been told which bank they have to go to. We are close, so stand by everyone.”

·         Thurs. 26 Oct. TNT: “Today we were told that new Dinar Rate announcement was imminent. Iraq placed lower denoms of Dinar at ports and airlines on Thurs. 26 Oct.”

·         Wed. 25 Oct. Militia Man: “Recently we showed that the World Trade Organization is talking about full ascension in the Fourth Quarter and we are now in that Fourth Quarter.” 

·         For the past two weeks the revalued Iraqi Dinar has been trading on the back screens of the Forex and putting itself in a position for the new International Exchange rate that was soon to be made public according to Iraqi Banks.

·         Get Ready for EBS Activation: Q says that “After Argentina’s election on Sun. 22 Oct. everything would change and the World would soon have no Internet for a while. We are approaching that Timeline. Get Ready for it.” …Q Bombshell! EBS Activation on October 22nd: Biden’s Retirement, Trump’s Return, and the White Hats’ Plan Revealed!

·         EBS Activation on Tues. 31 Oct? Trump said he was “turning off the friggin lights at Halloween.” Did he mean EBS Activation on Tues. 31 Oct?

·         In the next three to six months the Rodriguez Trust will begin to administer “universal basic income” for citizens of all GESARA-compliant countries. The amount per individual or family will depend on the status, needs, employment level and age of the person/family and will work to encourage people to work if they can.

·         Sat. 28 Oct. Q Phones and GESARA: Quantum Phones and the Starlink Network, Powered by Stellar Blockchain

B. Judy Notes from audio by Alex Collier on the Rubix Q site of Telegram put up Sat. evening:


·         The Dinar went international on Fri. 27 Oct. International Rate: $11.90, In-country Rate $4.80 (Contract Rate $16.50?).

·         The new international rate should be on the Forex Mon. 30 Oct.

·         On Fri. 27 Oct. they began pulling 3,600 US troops out of Iraq so Iraq could declare themselves a Sovereign Nation, likely around Mon. 30 Oct.

·         Two days ago President Trump said the next 7-8 days would be ones to be remembered.

·         The Quantum Financial System would be fully running by mid Dec.

·         Around Dec. 15 the breakage of the Three Gorges Dam would start a Black Swan Event that would trigger everything including release of 6,000 cures and the Med Beds

·         The earthquakes on the Yanges River in China were caused by the White Hats taking out Underground Tunnels and child trafficking facilities.

·         We were not at war with Russia, nor China. We were at war with the Rothschild family. The entire family would be taken down.

·         Two Must Watch videos: Mike Adams and Christine Massey, Stew Peters and Dr. David Martin

·         HIV, AIDS, HP2, Omicron “viruses” have never been isolated (meaning they were manmade) and thus there was no cure. The vaccines were designed to actually give you the viruses. Polio was caused by heavy metals sprayed on crops. Omicron was being spread through the TV on Mainstream Media.


C. Global Financial Crisis:


·         Sat. 28 Oct. The US Debt Clock SECRET WINDOW – (Part 1 and 2 of the Analysis, Oct 28, 2023)

·         Bitcoin was founded by the Cabal, used for child trafficking and backed by nothing. So do you actually think we want this evil energy in the new system - NOT.

·         1910: Representatives of the Rockefellers, Rothschild, Morgan and other PRIVATE BANKERS gathered on Jekyll Island to create ‘The Federal Reserve’

·         Banks are DEAD! Banks in Crisis Mode: JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, and Goldman Sachs Close Hundreds of Branches and Lay Off Thousands as They Brace for Financial Meltdown. In an unprecedented move that spells doom for the U.S. banking sector, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, and Goldman Sachs have initiated a series of drastic measures. The financial titans are shutting down hundreds of branches and pink-slipping thousands of employees, all in anticipation of a financial meltdown that could reshape the nation’s financial landscape.

·         Sun. 29 Oct. Craig Beardsley: “It’s an open secret that 21 major countries are refusing to use US Dollars for oil. That last date to refuse to use US Dollars for oil is 31 Oct. 2023. No country will buy bonds that can’t be used to buy oil. China has announced they will no longer buy US debt.”

·         Sun. 29 Oct. You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.


D. The New Restored Republic Status:


Judy Note: A big Thank You to Ariel on Twitter for supplying the below information:  


·         The Deep State aimed to create a world system of financial control through dominating the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. The White Hats aimed to destroy that system and give economic freedom back to The People.

·         Actually the White Hats had already taken control and say that everything that was happening publicly right now was a result of what has already happened privately.

·         What was happening publicly around Biden right now was pretty dramatic – although he didn’t appear to notice: On Fri. 27 Oct. Biden headed for a relaxing day at the beach, seemingly unaware – or maybe he just didn’t care – about a Nuclear World War III that was threatening in the Middle East.

·         Another couple of things that Biden might have wanted to contemplate in his day of relaxation at the beach, but likely didn’t: Last week Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas accepted an 11th Circuit Emergency Writ for a Florida 2020/2022 Election Fraud Case just one day before Mike Johnson was announced as the new Speaker of the House – meaning not only did Thomas now have the power to rule on 2020 Election Fraud which could take down the Biden Administration and all of Congress, but now Johnson had the power to Impeachment Biden.

·         It was a double whammy to take down Biden, and a third was on it’s way: By Friday 27 Oct. Fox News let it out that President of a bankrupt US Inc. Joseph Biden was found liable for “Crimes Against Humanity” according to an investigation by the US House of Representatives. Biden was officially accused of performing the Impeachable offenses of Human Trafficking, Election Fraud, Bribery, Money Laundering and other high crimes through his international business dealings while serving as Congressman and US Vice President.

·         With the investigation of Biden completed, the new Speaker of the House (SOTH) Mike Johnson could now call for Impeachment. Article 1 Sec 2 of the US Constitution stated that the sole power of Impeachment belonged to the House Of Representatives. Article 2 SEC. 4 states "The President Shall Be Removed From Office on impeachment for and conviction of Treason, Bribery, Money Laundering Misdemeanor or other high crimes.

·         Perhaps knowing the above was going to happen the Department of Defense (DOD) had already established a presidential transitional order that became effective on February 3rd 2023. Removing Joe Biden from office was basically removing the US from Khazarian Mafia/Rothschild control of our country.

·         Back in Biden’s inauguration days a razor-wire-lined fence was put in that drew a circle around the US Capitol, Supreme Court and federal office buildings. This was the US Military deeming it was a foreign occupied territory under the District of Columbia.

·         That Municipal Government was a plenary oligarchy run by the members of Congress. Since the Municipality of Washington, DC, is an "independent, international city state" squatting on our shores, and its government is a "plenary oligarchy" run by the members of some unidentified "Congress" we were left with a gang of international criminals operating pirate base on our East Coast. This is coming to an end.

·         Now with the pending Global Currency Reset we were now in a transition period away from the 1871 Corporation Act.

·         It all started way back in that 1871 when Congress passed the 1871 Act of England, forming a private corporation known as THE UNITED STATES while ending the US Taxpayer’s rights of Sovereignty.

·         This US Inc. corporation, owned by foreign interests including the Rothchilds and their Khazarian Mafia out of Israel, shoved the organic version of the Constitution aside by changing the word 'for' to 'of' in the title.

·         The Act gave US Taxpayer monies to the Bankers, and those private bankers led by the Rothschild’s, Rockefellers and their Khazarian Mafia out of Israel, eventually established their own privately owned Federal Reserve and IRS in the foreign countries of Washington DC and Puerto Rico.

·         In fact not only did Washington DC’s US Inc. become a private corporate entity (that went bankrupt in 2008), but the Vatican, City of London, Buckingham Palace and State of Israel, all were made corporate entities that were totally unaccountable self-interested for profit corporations abusing the powers of "government."

·         With the demise of the now-fiat US Dollar all those corporate entities were now bankrupt under Chapter 11 and thus no longer had contract rights.

·         The Khazarian Mafia’s Israeli Corporation’s license ran out 31 Oct. 2023 – the very reason why Israel was cooperating with Hamas to gain for war on it’s own people – it needed the income.

·         Along with the other Cabal corporations of US Inc, the Vatican, Holy See, City of Rome, UN Corporation and UK Inc, Israel obtaining funding for both sides of a war was very lucrative.

·         Another of those corporations was the CIA owned Evergreen Inc. (including Evergreen LLC and Evergreen PLC) that US Inc, the Vatican, Holy See, City of Rome, UN Corporation and UK Inc. have all subcontracted for use of their Child Sex Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome harvesting ring – the mainstay, along with US Taxpayer dollars, of this Cabal’s income.

·         Trump was very busy after gaining office in 2016. The Act of England 1871 was repealed, while the Secondary Judiciary Act of 1869 was no longer active. The International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) gave Trump power to impose economic sanctions on foreign countries and individuals in response to a national emergency. In other words, he could take down US Inc, the Vatican, Holy See, City of Rome, UN Inc, UK Inc and State of Israel Corporations.

·         Therefore President Trump’s Executive Orders 13818, 13848 and 13959 has allowed the new US Republic and Treasury to seize all assets (stocks, shares, trades, bank accounts, businesses, homes, investment companies) of these corporate entities and persons for human rights abuse and election interference.

·         As a result of Trump’s EOs and return of US gold from the Vatican Bank all of the above corporations were now null and void.

·         In Feb. 2020 650 plane loads of gold were taken from under the Vatican in a tunnel that ran between Rome and Israel. The gold was given back to it’s real owners – mainly the new US Treasury.

·         All of this was under transition now with gold no longer being suppressed and over 200 countries dumping the USD. We are now ready for the initiation of "The New Republic".

·         Very quietly in March 2020 the Rothschild US Central Bank was hijacked.

·         On May 4 2020 the 1871 Corp Act was dissolved.

·         A few months later on July 4, 2020 the New Republic with the original Constitution was invoked upon Trump and JFK Jr.s visit to Mount Rushmore where they were installed as President and Vice President.

·         Palestine was under UK rule on 2 November 1917 when foreign minister Arthur Balfour wrote to Lord Rothschild, a leader of the British Jewish community. At the time Palestinians made up 90 per cent of the population. They blame the Balfour Declaration (that became the State of Israel Corporation) for encouraging Zionists and ultimately handing their land to the Jewish homeland - the future Israel- by 1947.

·         The State of Israel Corporation was actually created by the Khazarian Mafia with help of the Rothschilds. As a result of Trump’s EOs which took away their corporation privileges, Israel became bankrupt – resulting in a War between Israel & Palestine for Land acquisition.

·         More recently the Khazarians had been kicked out of Ukraine by Putin and assets of ex-president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenk were frozen. It cut off a lifeline of drug, arms and human trafficking money essential to the survival of US Inc.

·         The Khazarian Mafia Money Laundering base was in Ukraine and with Putin freeing Ukraine, plus Trump and the White Hats removing Khazarian control of the US by taking away their control over US Taxpayer monies fed into the Khazarian’s Fed, the only country that Khazarians had left was the Rothschild established Israel.

·         The Fed-Reserve was now under the new US Treasury. The Khazarian/Rothchild bankers could no longer print out endless fiat USD used to suppress the Middle East through the Petro Dollar. By 1 Jan. 2024 Iraq would no longer use the USD in everyday commerce.

·         Actually, the three whammies weren’t necessary to remove Biden as confirmed by Kevin McCarthy last week. McCarthy mentioned that the US was already under “Continuity of Government” (COG) law, or Military Law – which meant that the Military was over every branch of government, including the president

·         The Military was the first form of government founded in our Nation. Our Founders established a Military 1st, the Army, Navy, and Marines long before Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

·         In addition, Military Law superseded Civilian law. Biden as the President of a defunct US Inc. didn’t have the authority of Trump who was Commander in Chief of the Military (Article II of the Constitution, Commander-in-Chief, is separate from Article III, Federal Government). So, Biden was already out and he didn’t even know it.

·         For the first time in history of the United States, the Supreme Court clarified this in the Military Justice Act of 2016. Though, it didn’t pass until they went under COG in the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act.

·         Thus, we have been in a "Peaceful Transition Of Power" since 2020. This is what Donald Trump meant when he stated that he put the government on pause.

·         So what is coming up on October 31st? The expiration of the State of Israel. Remember if the Rothschilds control both the Federal Reserve & Israel and both are bankrupt.

·         Where does that leave US Congressional Members who have dual citizenship of Palestine and US Inc? Powerless. Do you think the new SOTH knows this? Absolutely. Why do you think he announced that he is putting a bill together for Israel instead of a budget?

·         The new Israeli government program will not be for the current status of Israeli government. That parliament has already resigned.

·         What's next?

• Stock Market Crash

• Joe Biden Impeachment

• Gold Standard Return

• Iraq IQD Exchange Rate

• The New Republic Liberation & Justice


E. World War III:


·         Sat. 28 Oct. Biden Invokes Presidential War Powers Act, Notifies Congress

·         Sat. 28 Oct. BREAKING MILITARY INTEL! Breakpoint Alpha: Over 32 Governors and Top Military Officials Have Been Summoned to the Pentagon. . . Not For a Routine Meeting

·         The largest fleet of warships NATO has ever assembled is gathering in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

·         Sat. 28 Oct. Unraveling the Maze: How Middle East Conflict Shapes the 2024 Election

·         Pentagon Deploys 900 more troops to Middle East:

·         1 Hour Ago: Mark Levin Made Huge Announcement

·         In 24 Hours Everything Changes:

·         Messages have surfaced implying Obama's direct orders to Biden to maintain an open border, regardless of plummeting approval rates. Obama hinted at compensating with fraudulent votes. Should illegal immigration hit 30%, America faces potential turmoil.

·         Sun. 29 Oct. Netanyahu in Nuclear Bunker:

·         Sun. 29 Oct. D’Souza New Film ‘Police State’: Dinesh D'Souza's New Film 'Police State' Opens Up Pandora's Box With Real People Assaulted by Deep State Operatives! Are You Next. This Is Not the America You Will Recognize Anymore!...


F. The Real News for Sun. 29 Oct. 2023:

·         Jim Jordan: “We know that the Department of Justice (DOJ) spied on President Trump’s campaign. We know the DOJ spied on parents speaking up at school board meetings. Now we know that the DOJ spied on CONGRESS as well.”

·         Full Media Blackout Acapulco Completely Destroyed By Hurricane:

·         Sat. 28 Oct. List Of Over 188 Deep Underground Military Bases Situated Under Most Major Cities, US AFBs, US Navy Bases and US Army Bases, Underneath FEMA Military Training Camps and DHS Control Centers

·         Sat. 28 Oct. Project Subterrene and Top Secret Underground Tunnels Under America: NORAD and DUMBs. Inside NORAD’s Cheyenne Mountain Combat Center

·         Climate Change Bill Exposes Globalist Agenda to control The People by banning flying and private car ownership: "You'll go nowhere and be happy... It is a true assault on our freedom of movement in the name of climate change." Former US government insider, Marc Morano, exposes the globalist agenda to ban flying, and private car ownership, under the guise of "saving the planet,” "What they're trying to do is make airfare expensive and difficult to obtain, and that's actually baked in to these climate regulations... Same thing with cars. They're intentionally collapsing our plentiful car supply by banning gas powered cars. That creates rationing, which creates shortages, which is then going to force people into mass transit."

·         Court records show Trump plans to present classified information at the January 6th indictment trial that shows there was foreign interference in the 2020 election.

·         Joe Biden Is Not The Real Joe Biden. Joe Biden Is Not The Real President. USA Inc. Filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 2020 Case #: 20-40375-KKS. We Are Watching A White Hat Movie: The 2021 USA Inc. Joe Biden Shadow Presidency.

·         Texas became the first state in the US to build it’s own border wall.

·         Florida, Tenn., Alabama, Arkansas, Montana, Oklahoma, Arizona and Utah have all banned schools and universities from requiring Covid vaccinations.

·         Yes, Katie Hobbs IS at GITMO Awaiting a Military Tribunal

·         World Economic Forum son exposing Crimes Against Humanity:

·         SG Anon & Scott McKay: Doubling Down On The Greatest Information Dissemination Operation In World History!

·         Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You This Week:

#10 - Pfizer stock takes big loss because nobody wants their COVID “vaccines” and drugs.

#9 - Elon Musk makes strong statement in defense of the Second Amendment:

#8 - Donald Trump unleashes on ‘corrupt’ World Health Organization in viral truth social video.

#7 - Murderous doctors destine unvaccinated patient to suffocate to death.:

#6 - Tyson Foods makes big bet that you will ‘eat ze bugs.’

#5 - MP Andrew Bridgen brings forth compelling evidence to the UK parliament that the COVID-19 shots are responsible for excess deaths.

#4 - Researchers find Pfizer excluded clinical trial deaths from FDA COVID-19 “vaccine” EUA request.

#3 - Black Lives Matter leader stands behind January 6 prisoners and endorses Trump.

#2 - Hospitals murdered COVID patients. The more they killed, the more money they made.

#1 - It’s no accident that two-thirds of the world’s population fell for the greatest psychological fear campaign in human history. Perverse brainwashing techniques were thoroughly studied to get you jabbed.

BONUS #1 - Detox heavy metals in less than 30 seconds a day: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny explains how.

BONUS #2 - 10 signs you have a vaccine injury and what you can do about it: insights from top doctors.

BONUS #3 - Gold prices surged to $1,981.42 at the end of the last week, nearing an all-time high.

G. International Child Sex Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring Run Out of the Vatican and housed in China’s Three Gorges Dam and in the 1500 mile tunnel that runs between the Vatican and Jerusalem:

·         Nov. 17 2022: Republicans Tie Hunter Biden to Human Trafficking, Announce Probe

·         Sat. 28 Oct. Epstein Victim Found Dead After Vowing To Name and Shame Elite Pedophiles:

·         Former Director of the DIA, General Mike Flynn, blatantly states that some of our legislators are compromised by globalist actors, due to their trips overseas where they “sleep with children”

H. Covid/ Ebola/ Swine Flu/ Polio/ Small Pox/ BSE/ Zika/ Sars/ Monkey Pox/ AIDs/ Vax/ H1N1/ Graphene Oxide/ Chem trails/ Fluoride, Processed Foods, Human Clones Hoaxes:

·         Former vice president at Pfizer, Dr. Mike Yeadon: "You have to be brave. We're in the middle of the biggest crime in history. It's global. It has the intent of control, removing everybody's freedom and will involve killing further millions, if not billions of people. It is long planned. If you comply with this tyranny, it will end with the loss of your liberty, and probably your life. That's what's going to happen if you and everybody else choose to do nothing at all."

·         Prominent Swiss Banker Calls for Arrest of World Economic Forum for Democide by Covid Bio-weapon Shots:

·         Dr. Martins on Bio-weapon Vax:


I. Sun. 29 Oct. Israel is Last, David Wilcock

·         The war between Dark and Light is the war between Satan and God. Between the reptilian bloodline of Satan and the human bloodline of Jesus.

·         Israel is last because Covid exposed the corruption in our health care and political systems, Israel will expose the root of all corruption and evil in our religion systems.

·         The revelation of the hijacking of scripture by Satan centuries ago. The light on this planet was dimmed by the false light of darkness.

·         The Snake entered the Garden of Eden and went undercover in the snake pit. The head of the Snake in the Vatican, the body of the snake formed the Silk Road leading to Wuhan where it spread out it’s venom.

·         Hiding in the snake pit in Israel, where Satanism was hijacked parts of scripture and became the false light that fooled humanity in evil frequencies of fear, shame and guilt.

·         Separated from God and the Love we all are. Separated in religions, race, politics creating dark for centuries.

·         Separated by a small group who benefited from the controlling of the energies and the people. This small group the satanic Elite, the Illuminati, the Cabal.

·         All the Royal families of Europe, Baltic and Russian countries claim their ancestor as Wotan or Odin. Wotan, or Odin was a Pendragon – serpent – snake – reptilian.

·         13 Royal families are reptilian hybrids who are shape-shifters posing as humans.

·         Serpent symbolism is all over the Catholic religion. In St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican the Pope literally sits in the mouth of a serpent as the tongue and preaches deception.

·         The Druze Bloodline of Jesus are the descendants of “Jethro,” the Priest of Midian in the Bible & “Torah” (Exodus 2:18).

·         The 16th President of the United States of America Abraham Lincoln descended from the Kahlooni family.

·         In 1855 ISIS was formed by Kings of Morocco & Libya (Hassan Family), together with the Royal British family.

·         They signed in the Mohammad Law which was to kill the bloodlines of Jesus Christ (Druze). Six years later they merged with the Skull n Bones: Rothschilds, Scherf, Rockefellers, Schiff, aka Bush, Kissinger’s, etc.

·         Skull n Bones ISIS assassinated JFK.

·         1855 - ISIS formed by the Sansui Family linked to UK Royals (Khazarians)

·         1861 - merged with 322 Skull n Bones (Khazarians)

·         1870 - 1930 BIG PHARMA (Khazarian)

·         1871 Act of England (Secret Constitution placed by Secret Societies) Khazarians

·         1912 Titanic/Olympic Sinking (Who was on board?, What really happened?)

·         1913 Federal Reserve

·         1917 1923 Bolshevik Revolution

·         1945 1959 Operation Paperclip/Mockingbird.

·         1948 Israel Formed (Khazarian/Bolshevik Govt)

·         1949 Mossad = CIA formed

·         Whistleblower General Flynn exposed the Golan Terrorist Network: Flynn discovered that the Obama Administration was creating funding and arming of Jihadist who later waved the flag of ISIS.

·         These Jihadist actions were taking place in Gaza.

·         Obama with the help of the CIA, NATO and his Jihadist cronies, were seeking to top Assad in Syria. These treasonous administrations created funding of ISIS a.o.

·         The US/Jihadist morphed into the Arab Spring, destabilized the Middle East and created the orchestrated migration crises.

·         Hillary took part in the launching of the Arab Spring as Secretary of State under the Obama Administration.

·         Flynn blew the whistle on the involvement in the Golan Terrorist Network of the Obama Administration and by default of HW Bush, G Bush, Clinton, the State Department, FBI, CIA and the DOG.

·         Now circle back to Israel today. Do not be fooled. Those buildings fully collapsing in the Gaza Strip being hit from one missile are controlled demolitions.

·         Deep State operators inside both Israel and Palestine camps have been infiltrated long ago (Mossad/CIA).

·         Israeli handlers are in fact Mossad, UK M16, Rothschilds, CIA.

·         Dominion Servers have a lot to hide, from Human Trafficking, to Epstein creation to the Vatican Bank, to the Mossad/Khazarian Mafia controlling Ukraine.

·         Connections from the snake pit of corruption by Israeli Elites run deep into United States MSM CIA control.

K. George W. Bush throws out the first pitch of the 119th World Series in 9/11 and Skull and Bones Ritual. Bush threw out the ceremonial first pitch a perfect Skull and Bones count of exactly 3 months 22 days after his 7/6 birthday

Skull and Bones = 76 (Reverse Reduction)

Last year on his 76th birthday, the Georgia Guidestones were destroyed

Just like the 2001 World Series, the Arizona Diamondbacks are in it

The game was played on 10/27 and on 9/11 buildings 1, 2 and 7 came down

Bush used to own the Texas Rangers and they won the game 6-5 (6+5=11) in the 11th inning

His father George Bush Sr gave his New World Order speech exactly 11 years before 9/11/2001

New York is the 11th state, and the Twin Towers which resembled the number 11 came down on the 11th day of the month

American Airlines Flight 11 was the first and deadliest plane to crash on 9/11

In the game, Arizona had 8 hits and Texas had 9

89 is the 11th Fibonacci number

L. The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Rothschild, Rockefeller and Morgan Families


·         The Four Horsemen of Banking (Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo) own the Four Horsemen of Oil (Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, BP and Chevron Texaco); in tandem with Deutsche Bank, BNP, Barclays and other European old money behemoths.

·         But their monopoly over the global economy does not end at the edge of the oil patch. They the music industry through a wide network of Private Banks. Private investors, Privatization of the music industry through record label conglomerates and companies that do the bidding of the North American Rockefeller crime cartel and ELITE organizations.

·         In the Early 1900s the ROCKEFELLERs military commercialization of music changed the world standard tuning of music through the world to 440 pitch. This frequency was known to create greater aggression, psychosocial agitation, emotional distress, predisposing people to physical illnesses and financial impositions, profiting the agents, agencies and companies engaged in the monopoly.

·         In the late 1980s The Rockefellers brought together the top music executives and top talent together in Los Angeles, California. The purpose of the highly important secretive meeting was too bring in the age of controlled Rap Music which would connect to privatization of U.S. Prisons.

·         These privately owned Prisons by the Rockefellers, ROTHSCHILDs, Bush's were money laundering operations, tax exemption schemes, pyramid scheme operations.

·         The idea of controlling the Rap industry and black communities through VIOLET music supported by oppression and CIVIL UNREST connected to young Black youth as their Targets, the ROCKEFELLERs brought together the top executives and first leading black rappers Artist. After signing a confidentiality agreement of the meeting the purpose of the agenda was told to the invited members. They were told, the violence of the Rap music movement would be coordinated and the first major record companies labels producing the music would have all the rights to production and distribution through the United States and they would have shares of points inside the Private Prison systems.

·         The HIGH LEVEL Masonic PLAN worked and by 1990 there were over 1,500 private prison systems housing over 1 million black teenagers who used the violent Rap music to express a black generational trauma instilled in them..... The private Prison systems got hundreds of BILLIONS a years from the government sectors ( everyone got paid, including congress, Senate ECT ECT who passed bills and laws allowing money to flow to the new prison system)...

·         Money Laundering came in forms of super high inflated products inmates could purchase, often times 8x higher than the average national value (ramen noodles which cost only 15¢ was inflated to 1.50$ = 10x more) food, supplies, clothing was a major market to hide hundreds of BILLIONS of laundered money. Hundred of BILLIONS came from government funding. Hundreds of BILLIONS was moved through Pyramid schemes. Hundreds of BILLIONS was moved through insurance companies..... By the end of year 2000 as the ROCKEFELLERs had planned their Privatization of prisons had raked in Trillions over a 12 year span.

·         Local courts and Judges threw the books at petty criminals, first time offenders and filled the continuing creating of private prisons. To this day the United States has the most incarcerated humans in prisons through the world with the most prisons ever created. THIS WAS ALL BY DESIGN.








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