Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of February 10, 2024


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of February 10, 2024


Judy Note: The global financial system is falling apart with banks failing.

We have a flow of drugs and human trafficking at the border, with a president who not only doesn’t have a clue how to stop it, but files legal charges against  those who do.

Cabal governments including the US have deliberately caused both global fuel and food crises by burning down food processing plants, blowing up fuel supply lines, poisoning the food supply, buying farm land and letting it sit and passing legislation that drives up fuel prices and prohibits farmers from making a living.

The so-called leader of the Free World US has out-of-control inflation and has hit over $34 Trillion in debt, with a President and Vice President who can’t complete sentences, let alone solve problems.

There is a international Press that refuses to report the news about a population which wants to live in a bubble, ignore what’s going on and calls those of us who want to do something about it Conspiracy Theorists – just like our US Tax Payer funded CIA has programmed them to do.

Don’t you think it’s Time for The Storm to hit full force and wake everyone up?

·       Sometime soon the Supreme Court would reveal their findings on 2020 and 2022 Election Fraud – a decision that would likely dissolve the Biden Administration and all of Congress – and prove that Donald Trump was the lawfully elected president.

·       Rumor was that on Sun. 11 Feb. at conclusion of the Super Bowl, there would be an important announcement – that would ensure the public’s safety against planned chaos Events by way of activation of the Emergency Broadcast System.

·       Seven Trumpets – a Call To Arms, EBS Defcon One Alert:

·       BREAKING: Med Beds Unveiled, Trump’s Super Bowl NESARA Announcement, Starlink EBS, and the Countdown to 10 Days of Darkness! - Gazetteller

·       EBS Game Theory Operations, Obama Hidden Agenda:

·       The World Economy was in collapse. Banks closing. Bank Runs imminent. Thurs. 8 Feb. BOOM! Putin’s Chilling Warning To Rothschild: “Our Future Generations Will be Born Without Rothschild Chains Around Their Wrists and Ankles.”

·       “You have issues on the border, issues with migration, issues with the national debt, more than 33 trillion dollars. ...You have nothing better to do so you should fight in Ukraine? …It was the CIA that overthrew the Ukrainian Government in 2014. This happened under ‘President Obama’. Isn’t this a War Crime?” …Vladimir Putin interview with Tucker Carlson Tues. 6 Feb. 2024.

·       Mission Remove Biden Just Started. Sleepy Joe has lost his mind. He can’t remember anything, or anyone. He’s the first sitting President in US history to be declared legally incompetent to stand trial. Joe Biden couldn't even remember when he was Vice President, according to Special Counsel Report. According to his own Justice Department, Joe Biden is a criminal who is UNFIT to stand trial. And as far as America is concerned, he is TRAITOR who is unfit to be President.

·       Tucker Carlson just RELEASED the second part of his UNCENSORED INTERVIEW with Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin EXPOSES the truth about Ukraine’s CORRUPTION, the truth about Israel’s PEDOPHILIA, the truth about the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT system, the truth about the STOLEN ELECTIONS and much more!

·       Thurs. 8 Feb. New World Order & CIA Classified Drops: Herbert the Pervert George Bush Sr

·       In the 1980s Osama Bin Laden was CIA Agent Tim Osman.

A. Global Currency Reset:

·       The Chinese Elders have released Dubi 1 Funds into Paymaster Accounts for Tier 1 (different countries governments) that were now liquid and being paid out. Dubi 2 funds for Tiers 2,3,4a (Groups) were released on Sun. 4 Feb. and were liquid on Fri. 9 Feb. Dubi 3 funds for Tier 4b (Us, the Internet Group) were released on Wed. 7 Feb. and would be liquid by at least Sat. 10 Feb.

·       Sat. 10 Feb. was the beginning of the Chinese New Year when BRICS countries would be informed of their new currency rates and Tier4b funds would be liquid in Paymaster Accounts.

·       Sun. 11 Feb. the Emergency Broadcast System may activate Worldwide after the Super Bowl? POTUS Alert Test Incoming EBS Super Bowl Night. …Q Post 2288

·       Chance McFadden: “Was told the paperwork was just completed. The Iraq Government will reveal the new ‘lower denomination’ notes this week  and then release the new Dinar Rate ($4+) to be published in the Government Gazette on Sun. 11 Feb. and then go on Forex this coming Mon. 12 Feb.  – the same Mon. 12 Feb. that the Admiral is going to release everything.”

·       Fri. 9 Feb. Texas Snake: "Was included in a call that contained some very valuable information regarding our anticipated benefits but was placed on a do not reveal  type NDA, so please appreciate the position I find myself in sharing other than it is very, very positive for us as well as around the Globe.  Will open for a short time so some guessing can take place to see if anyone has a clue as to what is about to unfold"

·       The Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) has completed their linkup...of international platforms.  They are done and live.

·       The new rates were locked in on Bank and Redemption Center screens. (You will get a better rate at a Redemption Center than if you exchanged at a bank).

·       On Thurs. 15 Feb. 2024. Tier4b exchanges and bond redemption will wrap up.

·       Reclamation and Restitution Allowances and increases in Social Security was expected to occur sometime in Feb. 2024.

B. Fri. 9 Feb. Wolverine on Non Disclosure Agreements:

The Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a fundamental process in ALL large commercial contracts. Remember that you are about to become an "ultra-high net worth individual" and your confidentiality agreement prohibits you from:

1. Talk about your date.2. What you are exchanging.3. What rates you achieved in any format.

The first short NDA would be signed and generated electronically by the Safe Link website from which we will obtain our T4B 800# to make our exchange and exchange appointments.

The second NDA would be signed in hard copy at the exchange and exchange appointment.

All calls and voicemails will be logged. All phone call logs will be logged. All text messages will be logged. Twitter will be monitored (if active). Facebook will be monitored (if active). All networks will be monitored social networks and forums. All devices will connect to the federal government systems and seek to cancel exchanges for anyone who violates the Non-Disclosure Agreement by discussing virtual reality exchanges, dating or exchanging her, etc.

These confidentiality agreements will last approximately 90 days (possibly longer). Certain words will not be allowed to be mentioned.

If you need to talk to friends, family, or anyone related to your specific projects, be sure to add them to your NDA Addendum/Waiver document.Be careful not to send unnecessary messages or information that goes against the law.These are legal agreements we are signing!

Avoid sharing confidential information with your friends and family. Even telling your children puts you at risk. Be very careful! Be careful of your surroundings. Anything you text, write, or say can be used against you because of your confidentiality agreement. Don't risk it.


This will come into effect as you complete the information on the Safelink website.

There are some mechanisms within the Safelink website that require you to agree to an NDA before receiving the 800 number to call.If you are bringing a guest to your appointment, please inform the telephone operator.

They will also be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement and bring their KYC documents.You will not receive responses from any moderators/administrators.

There are exemptions for your NDA that need to know this information and are determined to know the proof and the origin of the funds, for example: lawyers, asset managers, accountants, etc.

They are already protected by confidentiality within their professional files. But that doesn't mean you can't get them to sign another one with you directly.

Ask your banking team to let you have an NDA template that you can use alongside yours. Print multiple copies.

When you arrive at the appointment, you will sign the NDA again with wet ink.Ask if you can add a short list of exemptions, i.e. spouse, children, etc.Take that list with you and make sure it is attached to the NDA before you sign it.

C. Recent GCR History:

·       On Thurs. 25 Jan. the gold-backed US Dollar was introduced from the US Treasury in Reno.

·       The next day on Fri. 26 Jan. all 86 Global Currency Reset platforms were loaded and launched.

·       By Sun. 28 Jan. the new Iraqi Dinar Rate (which had been released in-country on Mon. 1 Jan.) and the new US Note were both trading on the Forex.

D. Global Economic Crisis:

·       In 2019, Mastercard—in partnership with the UN—launched a credit card that monitors its holders carbon footprint and cuts off spending when they've reached their allocated carbon allowance. The card was discontinued in 2022, but you can be absolutely certain that the exact same functionality will be programmed into CBDCs if they're ever allowed to get off the ground.

·       Putin says the United States is killing the dollar with our own hands. “To use the dollar as a tool of foreign policy struggle is one of the biggest mistakes of the U.S. political leadership. I think everyone understands very well that no matter how many dollars are printed, they are quickly dispersed all over the world. They won’t stop printing it. Nevertheless, it is the main weapon used by the U.S. to preserve its power across the world. As soon as the political leadership decided to use the U.S. dollar as a tool of political struggle, a blow was dealt to this American power… It is a stupid thing to do and a grave mistake. Do you even realize what is going on or not? Does anyone in the U.S. realize this? What are you doing? You are cutting yourself off. Ask any intelligent and thinking person in the U.S. what the dollar means for the U.S.  You’re killing it with your own hands!”

·       US Inc. According to the CBO, federal public debt amounted to $26.2 trillion at the end of the 2023 fiscal year, accounting for 97% of GDP. That figure is expected to reach 99% this year and exceed the country’s annual economic output in 2025 at 101.7% of GDP.                                                                                 

·       Fri. 9 Feb. Rafi Farber: Another banking crisis is emerging, will it be the last? Arcadia Economy: The next banking crisis appears to be upon us, as New York Community Bancorp teeters on the brink of collapse. Ironically, NYCB was one of the rescue banks that stepped in during last year's fiasco and absorbed the assets of the now-failed Signature Bank. I guess that didn't work out so well now that Signature's benefactor is also failing. This comes as an estimated $1.5 trillion in commercial mortgage loans come due this year and next, which is reassuring. The unfolding banking disaster comes as gold and silver diverge wildly in terms of open interest, with the number of gold open contracts at 5-year lows, but silver open interest curiously going in the opposite direction. This is something that, technically speaking, I have never seen before.

·       In China, 271 tons of physical gold were withdrawn from the stock market in January. It is the second largest withdrawal in history. The beer seems to be maturing. In what, we will soon find out.

E. Restored Republics:

·       Fri. 9 Feb. The BRICS’ Plan to Redefine Global Economic Power: Commodities vs. Financial Assets

·       Fri. 9 Feb. Judy Byington Bombshell Report! Q Clock Ends Today, POTUS ALERT or EBS – The Countdown Begins! No One’s Talking About Chili – Like Maui, it’s Been Burned to the Ground – Restored Republic via a GCR as of February 9, 2024

·       Fri. 9 Feb. Mastering the Art of War: Trump’s Strategic Silence Unleashed in a Sting Operation, Deciphering the QFS Code & the Mystery of the Hidden Watermark

·       Thurs. 8 Feb. BOOM! Judy Byington Bombshell Report! BLACKOUT CONFIRMED. PHASE 1 NOW, ACTIVE – IT’S COMING – Thurs. 8 Feb. 2024 Is A Big Day – We Are Going to Show You a New World – Restored Republic via a GCR as of February 8, 2024

·       Thurs. 8 Feb. It Begins… NYC Starts Arresting more Migrants! Beating NYPD & Involved in NYC Crime Spree

·       Thurs. 8 Feb. POTUS ALERT or EBS – The Countdown Begins! EBS Activation, POTUS ALERT, Q 2320, Tucker Carlson, President Trump, Judy Byington, FISA, President Putin, BRICS and Deep State

F. Fri. 9 Feb. “Ken and Barbie vs. Goliath IRS” Update: Mocking God & the Constitution Tom Fairbanks, Intelligence Support Activity (ISA)

   The deception displayed by the Court and Prosecution in the Federal Case against Ken Cromar exposes just how serious the battle between Barbie & Ken vs Goliath IRS actually is. While the desperation of the IRS and DOJ to convict Barbie & Ken demonstrates the venerability of the IRS and its orchestrated scheme to defraud and fleece the American public (We the People).

·       Despite Ken Cromar’s filing asking the court for a delay so he could subpoena witnesses for the hearing on Cromar’s Motion to Dismiss, the 5:30 am wake-up call on February 8, 2024, “Cromar, you have court today,“ was a clear indication that Judge Nielson had already made up his mind.  At one o'clock, Judge Nielson told Ken Cromar that he had read all of Cromar’s arguments carefully about why the court lacked jurisdiction (authority to hear this case as presented by the government prosecutor) but Judge Nielson said he was not persuaded.  He then explained his thinking and even provided Supreme Court sites to support his analysis, and then said, "Therefore, Defendant Cromar's motion to dismiss is denied." 

·       Cromar stated, “It should have been unnerving and stressful, but today it was not.  I felt amazing peace and had great faith that our motion to dismiss could kill the case and drop all the charges, but equally as much faith to trust God's will and His timing.  Either way, I was at complete peace.”

·       Conspicuously absent from the hearing was Prosecutor Mark Woolf, who had previously stated he was quitting the case, yet continued to prosecute Cromar even after the addition of a Special Prosecutor from Washington DC. – This radical change in direction makes me wonder if this is evidence that the prosecution is monitoring the articles and comments about Barbie & Ken in an effort to subvert Ken Cromar’s defenses?  It is certainly an interesting observation.

·       Mr. Woolf’s attempt to get Ken Cromar to plead to “submitting false documents to the IRS” exposed just how serious the IRS’s ruling that the Cromars DID NOT and NEVER DID OWE ANY TAXES is to the prosecution.  This is the smoking gun and everyone now knows it. The IRS and DOJ’s posture of “Win At All Costs” mandates that IRS’s ruling must be destroyed as though it never happened. This is a “no holds barred” moment for the IRS and DOJ because they cannot allow the public cannot see Barbie & Ken prevail or else everyone will finally know the truth about the fraudulent IRS.

·       The evidence shows the orchestrated collusion of those who have perpetrated this Crime Against Barbie & Ken, which began in the Utah Federal Court under Chief Judge Robert J. Shelby who, without a single hearing, ordered the sale of the Cromar Home. Then after Judge Shelby refused to continue to protect the fraudulent buyer, “Bishop” Bellinston, the case was moved to a lower court, the Fourth District Court in Provo Utah under Judge Christine Johnson, without the approval of Judge Shelby. The Cromars filed numerous lawsuits in an attempt to protect themselves, their life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which each of the courts claimed were frivolous filings. (Denial of Constitution Rights)

·       Barbie & Ken filed Petitions in the US Tax Court demanding Copies of the Notices of Deficiency and Notices of Determination that were required to be sent to the Cromar before any legal action could be made against them. Following a thorough search of the IRS records the IRS filed a Motion to Dismiss the Petitions with the US Tax Court on the grounds that No Notices of Deficiency or Notices of Determination existed in the IRS records. Then the US Tax Court Ordered the Petitions to be Dismissed and Acknowledged that Barbie & Ken DID NOT and NEVER DID OWN ANY TAXES for the tax years 1990 through 2020. 

·       Over joyed with the News of their Victory over the IRS, Barbie & Ken made an appointment to meet with their LDS Bishop and Stake President so they could share the news of their victory with them. At the appointment, however, Barbie & Ken were not allowed to speak, but instead they were presented with a Notice of Trespass informing them that they would be arrested if they stepped foot on any Church  Property.  What a startling reaction from the Christian Brothers who had been called to be Shepherds over Barbie& Ken. Condemned and ostracized without accusation or witnesses and literally removed from the Church without excommunication.  Not everything is as it Appears!

·       Now, I have been informed that Ken Cromar’s Bishop is being subpoenaed to testify against Ken. WOW – the Prosecution must be desperate to figure out a way to get rid of the IRS ruling. First of all, what do they think Ken’s Bishop knows about their legal problems with the IRS? Is this an attempt to create an illusion that Barbie & Ken have made a confession to their Bishop, which the Bishop is willing expose

·       This should scare the daylights out of every latter-day saint. Every conversation with an ecclesiastical leader, whether by confession or not, can be used against you. This completely violates Clergy-Confidentiality (Scott vs Hammock 870 P.2d 947 (1994) No. 910112 Supreme Court of Utah). “A clergyman or priest cannot, without the consent of the person making the confession, be examined as to any confession made to him in his professional character in the course of discipline enjoined by the church to which he belongs”. More importantly, if there is no confession involved the clergyman is still acting in the protected capacity of a clergyman and is required to keep any confidences they may have.

·       What an awkward position for the LDS Church to be in! At a time that the LDS Church is under scrutiny for the way it handles allegations of Sexual Assault with religious leaders being instructed to call the Abuse Hot Line, which is managed by the LDS Church’s Legal Representatives, Kirton McConkie, and then claiming Clergy-Confidentiality to avoid making the leader testify in court; the prosecution against Ken Cromar pulls this?

·       To subpoena Ken Cromar’ Bishop to testify against him is not only another unconstitutional act, but it also creates a very dangerous and slippery slope for the LDS Church. If they do not step in to intervene on Ken Cromar’s behalf and prevent the Bishop from testifying against Ken, their entire practice for defending their leaders, who are involved with cases of Sexual Abuse, will be utterly destroyed.

G. The Real News for Fri. 9 Feb. 2024:

·       "The next six months for the establishment is very precarious," warns former asset manager Edward Dowd. If they collapse it [economy] before the election, it's because they lost control. They're going to try to pump this up and keep it going. The jobs report in the US just came out today. Anybody with worth their salt has called this the most fraudulent jobs report we've ever seen. It's a joke. It's a complete joke. Fraud is now on the government balance sheets. They're cooking the books.” …Edward Snowden, Telegram Fri. 9 Feb.

·       More lawmakers call for Biden to be removed under 25th Amendment:

·       Fri. 9 Feb. Brazil: Brazilian authorities have raided the home of President Jair Bolsonaro & seized his passport, they claim he tried to overthrow the government by questioning the 2022 Brazil elections. Brazil's Supreme Court has recently mandated a large-scale police operation targeting President Jair Bolsonaro. SOUND FAMILIAR???

·       Fri. 9 Feb. Texas: The Texas National Guard responds to the Supreme Court's order to remove the razor wire in Eagle Pass by installing even more. Governor Abbott has said "Texas will not back down" as it defends its border. The BIDEN REGIME and SCOTUS are very clearly trampling all over Texas 10th amendment rights under the US Constitution. Biden is trying to push us into a CIVIL WAR.They would rather WORLD WAR III, and CIVIL WAR than have Trump back in office.

·       Whether it's true or not someone shared that illegals are not getting $1,000/mo on debit cards, BUT $5k per month. WTH ! Still waiting on Biden's $600 stimulus from 3 years ago

·       Fri. 9 Feb. Ireland: NOW - Protest against mass immigration in Dublin, Ireland.

·       Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andy McCarthy says there is enough evidence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Joe Biden after Special Counsel Robert Hur concluded his investigation into Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents. “Well, my first impression was that this is supposed to be about whether there’s enough evidence to indict, and as you read the report, I can’t help but say it sure looks like there’s enough here, to invoke the 25th Amendment. And I know that’s not what he’s looking at, what his purpose is, but his fitness for office is a major issue here,” McCarthy said on Fox News.

·       Fri. 9 Feb. BREAKING NEWS: Tucker Carlson’s Secret Moscow Meetings with Snowden and Tara Reade – Now That is Interesting!

·       Fri. 9 Feb. Historical Enigma: JFK, The Mafia, and the Illuminati

·       JFK is Still Alive and in a Secret Witness Protection Program:

·       JFK’s Historic April 27 1961 Speech Exposed Obama, Hillary, Bush, Pope Francis, Military Tribunals, Crimes Against Humanity and the New World Order:

H. International Child Sex Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring Run Out of the Vatican and housed in China’s Three Gorges Dam in the 1500 mile tunnel that runs between the Vatican and Jerusalem:

·       Fri. 9 Feb. The UN and Clinton Foundation allegedly use an old US base in Panama to support the smuggling of illegal immigrants into America, suggesting an organized human trafficking operation. The Clintons are accused of funding this activity.

·       Disney sent children to Epstein Island under the guise of snorkeling. Why do so many kids disappear in Disney World? Why does Disney groom your children through propaganda movies and cartoons? Disney is the definition of child sex trafficking.

·       Children are more valuable than drugs. In excess of 8 MILLION CHILDREN go missing each year! CIA Officer and U.S. Marine Intelligence Officer confirmed that the torture of children to produce Adrenochrome is real. He also confirmed that the Clintons are head deep in child kidnapping and child trafficking.

·       Tim Ballard: A child was raped 60,000 times – and was the fate of thousands of children. Millions of children as young as 5 years old are being raped over and over again. Child sex trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. There is a 5000% increase in child rape videos.

·       Madagascar Passes Bill to Castrate Child Rapists:

·       Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu orders military officials to draw up plans for "evacuating" people in Rafah.

·       FBI still defying court orders to turnover Seth Rich’s personal and work laptops.

·       6.3-magnitude earthquake hits Hawaii's Big Island; 4.5-magnitude earthquake around Los Angeles.

·       New York Rep. Claudia Tenney says Biden needs to be “removed or charged" and has submitted a letter to AG Garland on the 25th Amendment.

I. Thurs. 8 Feb. New Benjamin Fulford: Secret Adrenochrome Intel! Actionable Intelligence on Child Torture Centers Received from High Level US Official

·       A high-level government official (this person has been alone in the room with US Presidents and Israeli Prime Ministers) has given us very detailed and actionable intelligence on child torture facilities located across the US, the UK and elsewhere.

·       It includes the names and addresses of the torturers, the names of the tortured children and the exact location of the torture centers.

·       The first PDF file contains the names of 540 children who are still being tortured daily.

·       The second one contains the names of 400 children who were tortured to death.

·       If you find your missing child’s name on the list, we promise we will leave no stone unturned to either rescue or get justice for your child. This is possible because the files contain the names and home addresses of 456 “Adrenochrome Harvesters,” the euphemism they use for child torturers.

J. Covid/ Ebola/ Swine Flu/ Polio/ Small Pox/ BSE/ Zika/ Sars/ Monkey Pox/ AIDs/ Vax/ H1N1/ Graphene Oxide/ Chem trails/ Fluoride, Processed Foods, Human Clones Hoaxes:

·       In Dec. 2002, Dr. Anthony Fauci described how the distinction between "bioweapons" and "biodefense" does not exist, as later demonstrated by his gain-of-function research: "I found myself again, never imagining that I would be doing this, needing to learn from people that I never thought I would be learning things from, namely bio-weaponers. People who are our own bio-weaponers in the US decades ago, international figures, people from other countries, the UK, and also importantly, defectors particularly from the Soviet Union who had vast experience in the ways of bio-warfare."

·       Fri. 9 Feb. Brave New World: A study found that the COVID-19 pandemic in UK was iatrogenic, as it did not originate from the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but originated from Midazolam use in euthanasia and then likely later from mass vaccination. The main findings supporting this conclusion are:

• There were relatively few cases of infections in early 2020, indicating the non-prevalence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the UK.

The UK Health Security Agency declared on 19 March 2020, the absence of any “high consequence infectious disease”, denying the existence of a pandemic.

The enormous spike in excess deaths attributed to COVID-19 was inconsistent with the lack of prevalence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which was not verified, due to shortages and unreliability of PCR tests.

• NHS and Nightingale hospitals were mostly empty, confirming absence of a pandemic.

The excess deaths were spread uniformly and simultaneously across all English regions, inconsistent with natural contagion.

The spikes in excess deaths across all regions were strongly correlated with Midazolam injections, implicating euthanasia, particularly of the elderly in care homes.

On investigation, the UK Government, Amnesty International and the Care Quality Commission have all acknowledged that “a systemic or structural dysfunction in hospital services” and the widespread blanket use of “Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation” (DNACPR) notices in care homes have contributed to excess deaths in the UK

M. Biden Crime Family:

·       The FBI found residue of cocaine on Hunter’s gun holster and tied it back to the gun purchase when he was on cocaine based upon his tell-all book! STUPID!

·       Biden admitted he had classified documents strewn about his home dating back to 1974. They were also in his China-funded Penn office (where he was paid $1 million to be a “professor,” but never taught a single class).

·       Way back on Sunday 27 Dec. 2020 a Ukrainian Press Conference outlined international corruption sanctioned under Democratic Senators and demanded return of billions stolen from the Ukrainian people laundered through what has been referred to as the Biden Crime Family. 

·       While serving as Vice President in the Obama Administration Joe Biden outwardly bragged on TV about blackmailing a Ukraine prosecutor. (The video was taken off the Internet).

·       Just before the 2020 Election Biden was filmed on TV while admitting, “We have put together the most comprehensive voter fraud organization in the history of politics (and you guys did it for the Obama Administration also”).  Joe Biden brags about having “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization” in history.





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