Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of February 6, 2024


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of February 6, 2024


Judy Note:

·       Cabal-created Food Shortages Worldwide coming to fruition as the World Economic Forum vows to ration meat, electricity, gas and force use of their Central Bank Fiat Digital Currency that would control your life and pocketbook.

·       Mon. 5 Feb. Obama, Clinton, Biden Child Sex Abuse Network: BREAKING! Child Sexual Abuse Network Led by Biden Administration, Clinton, and Obama!

·       By Wed. 7 Feb. All Dubai Funds Released for Global Currency Reset.

·       Wells Fargo, Bank of America, US Bank, Citizens, TD and Key Bank All Shutting Down Branches in Preparation For Global Economic Crash.

A. Global Currency Reset:

·       Mon. 5 Feb. MarkZ: On Sat. 3 Feb. Tier3 Church Groups were told to be on standby to fly to Reno within 24 to 48 hours.

·       Wed. 7 Feb. Dubi 3 funds for Tier4b exchanges go into Paymaster Accounts and would be liquid 48 hours later – or by Fri. 9 Feb. …Wolverine

·       On Fri. 9 Feb. 2024 the Supreme Court will make a decision on the Brunson Case, Florida 2020 Voter Fraud Case and a 2020 Voter Fraud Case brought in by President Trump.

·       Sun. 11 Feb. the Emergency Broadcast System may activate Worldwide after the Super Bowl? POTUS Alert Test Incoming EBS Super Bowl Night. …Q Post 2288

·       On Mon. 12 Feb. SCOTUS will likely announce their decision on 2020 voter fraud. A positive decision would dissolve the Biden Administration and all of Congress.

·       On Thurs. 15 Feb. 2024. Tier4b exchanges and bond redemption will wrap up.

·       Sat. 3 Feb. Wolverine: “D Day Funding for Tier4b from Dubui 3 will be released into Paymaster Accounts on Wed. 7 Feb. and within 48 hours from there it will be liquid, (or by Sat.10 Feb.) I spoke to big Whales in Spain and South America. They were under NDAs and couldn’t talk but did say it has started. Lawyers who have close contact with Paymasters say that the funds are in Paymaster Accounts. Dubi 1 funds have all been released. Dubi 2 funds are releasing right now and should be finished by Sun. 4 Feb. Dubi 3 funds were about to be emptied.”

·       42 States Removed Taxes from Purchase of Gold and Silver:

B. Recent History of the Global Currency Reset:

·       On Thurs. 25 Jan. the gold-backed US Dollar was introduced from the US Treasury in Reno.

·       The next day on Fri. 26 Jan. all 86 Global Currency Reset platforms were launched and loaded.

·       By Sun. 28 Jan. the new Iraqi Dinar Rate (which had been released in-country on Mon. 1 Jan.) and the new US Note were both trading on the Forex.

·       On Mon. 29 Jan. Tiers above Tier4b (Us, the Internet Group) began receiving notification for appointments and now some were in the process of exchanging.

C. Global Financial Collapse:

·       Mon. 5 Feb. 20 Nations Join BRICS, Ditch US Dollar:

·       Mon. 5 Feb. Nearly 30% of all stocks in China have been halted as China’s CSI 1000 index slides 8% in a matter of hours.

·       China’s Evergrande Crisis:

·       BAGHDAD, Feb 4 (Reuters): "Iraq has banned eight local commercial banks from engaging in U.S. dollar transactions, taking action to reduce fraud, money laundering and other illegal uses of U.S. currency days after a visit by a top U.S. Treasury official." The Iraqi Banks have been banned from accessing the Iraqi Central Bank's daily dollar auction. The daily dollar auction has become a way of smuggling dollars for Iran, and this is expected to restrain much of those activities. This is part of the economic and financial reforms Iraq is going through to meet International Banking Standards and achieve International connectivity. As you can see, Iraq has began implementing some of their economic reforms as promised. …Goldilocks

·       Wells Fargo, Bank of America, US Bank, Citizens, TD and Key Bank among big banks to shut 139 branches in January alone (after another 37 closed in final week of month).

D. Dangers of Cabal fiat Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDCs):

·       The Repo Reserve liquidity is down to $500 Billion. This is the budget from the Federal Reserve to save ‘troubled banks’ in liquidity crisis. This program called ‘Bank Term Funding Program (BTFP)’ will be dead by March 11th, 2024 — lil more than a month from today. They will drain to ZERO. We will see more banks crashing. Meanwhile the debt for the U.S. bankrupted corporation is $34.17 TRILLY! And bond payments close to $10 TRILLY is due this year. Good luck tryin’ to collect. But the news said the market is doing great! Closer to $10 TRILLION.

·       This article was from 11/2023. $7.6 trillion of US government debt will mature in the next year, adding pressure on rates:

·       Federal Reserve announces that the Bank Term Funding Program (BTFP) will cease making new loans by 3.11:

·       Federal Reserve reverse repo facility in June 2022 was — $2 Trillion

·       WARNING: What will happen if we go to the fiat Central Bank Digital Currency: "If a traffic camera catches you jaywalking in China, the digital ID system has you. It has your blood; it has your genetic code; it has your photograph. It will convict you and take money out of your bank." …Dr. Jordan Peterson

E. Restored Republics of the World:

·       Sun. 11 Feb. EBS activates after the Super Bowl? POTUS Alert Test Incoming EBS Super Bowl Night. …Q Post 2288

·       Sun. 4 Feb. Special Report! Military Forces (Q) and the EBS: According to Ground Command, the Entire World is Currently Under International or Global Martial Law

·       Mon. 5 Feb. Judy Byington Bombshell Report! Unreported by Our Fake News Mainstream Media: According to Ground Command, the Entire World is Currently Under International or Global Martial Law. And, They Have A Plan! Restored Republic via a GCR as of February 5, 2024

F. Worldwide Food Crisis:

·       Mon. 5 Feb. Food Crisis, Farmer Protests in Ireland: In Ireland Farmers have been told they must cull 200,000 cows to meet the Governments ‘Climate Ambition.’ This is amongst other insane legislation which will technically bankrupt them. The Irish Farmer Fightback - has now begun.

·       Mon. 5 Feb. Food Crisis, Brussels: Hungarian Prime Minister Orban preferred a walk with farmers protesting in Brussels to dinner with EU leaders.

·       The farmer’s protests across Europe continue, with Dutch and Belgium tractor drivers blockading border highways.

·       Mon. 5 Feb. Food Crisis, Canada: "The average Canadian is just dreaming about affording food. A quarter of Canadians are now borrowing money just for essentials like eating. Now Canadians are borrowing up a storm because they can't afford the higher prices that you've imposed on them. The price of coffee is up 14% in ONE year. Bread is up 15% and the butter on the bread is up 17%. Our inflation rate is near a 40 year high."

·       French farmers "decorated" a McDonald's branch with cow dung and made it clear where the Globalist club should finally go. Namely to hell.

·       Mon. 5 Feb. The French farmers are now removing their blockades after the government has given in to their demands. The French farmers have won.

·       Mon. 5 Feb. American Leaders Sign World Economic Forum Treaty to Ration Meat, Electricity and Gas:

G. The Real News for Mon. 5 Feb. 2024:

·       Mon. 5 Feb. Chemtrails: A Global Conspiracy Threatening Mind and Body Health – Chemtrails are Globally Being Done, Gov Sanctioned. Why, Nobody Knows,

·       Mon. 5 Feb. Pro Nuclear Documentary Warns of America Fragil Electrical Grid:

·       Mon. 5 Feb. El Salvador: El Salvador’s re-Elected President Nayib Bukele is impressive. He did the impossible and cleaned up a lot of the gangs such as Barrio 18 & MS13 that has terrorized the country: 7,000 soldiers and 1,000 police officers were activated in the CabaƱas, as well as the country’s northern border with Honduras. They have arrested more than 66,000 suspected gang members. They enacted new laws to allow mass trials of gang members in groups of up to 900 and raised the maximum prison sentence for gang leaders from 45 to 60 years. This is what LAW AND ORDER looks like!

·       Mon. 5 Feb. House Speaker Mike Johnson Doesn’t Think Biden is in Charge:

·       Sun. 4 Feb. BREAKING NEWS: Tucker Carlson Has Arrived in Moscow, Russia, To Interview President Vladimir Putin!

·       Mon. 5 Feb. Bombshell: Tucker Carlson’s Exclusive Interview with Vladimir Putin in Moscow – Full Transcript Released!

·       Israel: General Flynn states that when Hamas attacked Gaza, “there was a decision made to have a security stand down, on the 7th of October, for 7 hours.” Netanyahu must be REMOVED... and looks like that's the consensus.

·       Mon. 5 Feb. California: Nearly One Million Without Power as Powerful Storm Strikes the California Coast. Currently, nearly 900,000 California residences are without power as strong winds associated with the powerful atmospheric river event hit the state. California has declared a state of emergency as winds could produce hurricane-force gusts exceeding 60 mph at the coastline, with gusts of 80-100 mph in coastal mountain areas. Major to life-threatening flooding is possible along the southern slopes of the mountains in Southern California, as the storm could also produce powerful waves along the coastline. NWS Los Angeles: "EXTREMELY DANGEROUS SITUATION UNFOLDING IN THE HOLLYWOOD HILLS AREA AND AROUND THE SANTA MONICA MOUNTAINS‼ Life threatening landslides and additional flash flooding expected overnight tonight. Avoid travel if at all possible."

·       Mon. 5 Feb. Southern California is getting obliterated by torrential rain causing flash flood warnings. The storm even caused a ‘Sea Foam Storm’ where strong winds blew foam onto people standing on the shore. The storm was thanks to an ‘Atmospheric River’ which is “relatively long, narrow regions in the atmosphere that transport most of the water vapor outside of the tropics.” (NOAA) The average Atmospheric River carries the equivalent amount of water as the average flow at the mouth of the Mississippi River.

·       Mon. 5 Feb. the US Senate has voted for funding again for Israel and Ukraine. All thats left is Biden to sign and send out payments. In this Bill nothing will go to US citizens or Americans only foreigners (except, of course, the money that’s laundered back into Biden and the legislator’s pockets).

·       Money Laundering Politicians: Iran = Obama sends $150 billion in cash to Iran before leaving office in 2016. John Kerry’s daughter is married to an Iranian national. Ukraine = Hunter Biden/Joe Biden dealings & corruption, stealing millions from American tax payers to funnel money to Ukraine. Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul sits on the board of a Ukrainian energy company. Romney’s son does too. John Kerry’s son. Biden’s son. Now you know why we're "helping" Ukraine & why Pelosi is still here. Having fun yet? The tentacles of Ukraine corruption capture Cofer Black of Bush's 9/11 cabinet, Obama, Biden, Soros, Schiff, Pelosi, Bolton, John Kerry, Romney, & the Clintons.

·       New Zealand: Politician and Lawyer, Liz Gunn, calls for New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to be forced to RETURN to NZ with her Passport HELD. “She has broken her Social Contract with the People of NZ she has allowed them to be INJURED, DAMAGED AND KILLED.

H. International Child Sex Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring Run Out of the Vatican and housed in China’s Three Gorges Dam in the 1500 mile tunnel that runs between the Vatican and Jerusalem:

·       Mon. 5 Feb. BREAKING! Child Sexual Abuse Network Led by Biden Administration, Clinton, and Obama!

·       Mainstream journalist & close friend of John Podesta, who bragged about ‘debunking’ PIZZAGATE, arrested on a sickening slew of child rape charges. Slade Sohmer, editor-in-chief at The Recount was arrested on charges of possessing more than 1,300 images of child pornography including images of toddlers.

·       Mon. 5 Feb. This is a report about a pdf that was sent by accident via Amazon to a customer in Germany (her letter of how she discovered this pdf is in German) who ordered a bunch of usb's. The pdf reveals a shocking revelation of lists of children's names, date of birth, date of disposal and blood type,  as well as the individuals involved. It is a startling and shocking discovery. God save and protect the children of the Earth:

·       “Frazzle Drip” is the purported file name of a snuff film found on the laptop of Anthony Weiner in a folded named “Life Insurance”. It was said to make even the most hardened N.Y.C. Police Veterans cry. It’s said to show Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton performing satanic ritual abuse on a young girl, surgically removing her face and wearing it as a mask to flood the victim’s bloodstream  with adrenaline, blood drank in this state is the elites drug of choice called  Adrenochrome:

I. Underground DUMB Tunnels:

·       Back in the 1980s Ted Gunderson, Ex-FBI Chief, tried to warn everyone about Underground Tunnels and DUMBS: “Underground Tunnels Exist Till This Day. Used For Satanic Rituals, Human Trafficking By The Elite, & Even Members Of The White House.”

·        J. Covid/ Ebola/ Swine Flu/ Polio/ Small Pox/ BSE/ Zika/ Sars/ Monkey Pox/ AIDs/ Vax/ H1N1/ Graphene Oxide/ Chem trails/ Fluoride, Processed Foods, Human Clones Hoaxes:

·       Sun. 4 Feb. The Dark Manipulation of PCR Tests: The Easiest Way To Control People To Do Anything – In The Same Way Egyptians Built The Pyramids

·       Sun. 4 Feb. Jimmy Dore Show: “My animosity towards the medical industry is fueled by them injecting me with an experimental gene therapy they assured me was safe & effective even though there were zero long term studies confirming that & them knowing it takes 10 years to find out those kind of answers & conclusions. It was neither safe nor effective as I ended up with neurological damage & went on to contract the virus 3 times after being injected for protection from said virus. Turns out they lied about it protecting us from contracting or spreading the virus cuz they never even tested to see if it did either because they knew that it wouldn’t and needed us to believe a lie in order to manufacture our uninformed consent to taking it. Once again, if this obvious charlatan is your doctor you should get a new doctor.”

·       Sun. 4 Feb. Jimmy Dore Show: “Turns out your doctor was BRIBED to give you the toxic experimental gene therapy - aka the Covid 19 Vaxx. Of course they don’t call it a BRIBE, they’re “incentive payments”! Like when they called torture “enhanced interrogation techniques. Breaks down how doctors in Kentucky are receiving kickback payments for convincing their patients to take the COVID vaccine.”

·       Metal nano particles in vaccines injure the brain:

·       The entire plandemic rests on the fake and phony PCR test! Now they’re getting rid of it and will likely replace it with a test that implants more carcinogens or nanobots.

·       Ivermectin is often recognized – 2nd to penicillin – for having the greatest impact on human health. Its discovery even won the Nobel Prize. But the propagandists told you it was a “dangerous horse dewormer.” Now, why would they do such a thing? Because Ivermectin’s existence threatened a multi-hundred billion dollar vaccine enterprise. The COVID shots forced upon the world would not be able to exist if Ivermectin was shown to be effective. The Emergency Use Authorization states:“For the FDA to issue an EUA, there must be no adequate, approved, and available alternative candidate product for diagnosing, preventing, or treating the disease or condition.” So, they had to smear and discredit Ivermectin. And in doing so, Dr. Pierre Kory says, “that has caused millions of people to die around the world.”

·       Mon. 5 Feb. Rio de Janeiro: Rio de Janeiro declared “a state of public health emergency” on the eve of Carnival due to dengue cases that have skyrocketed in the city. So far this year, Brazil has recorded 262,247 cases of dengue, according to data from the Ministry of Health. In January alone they increased 160% compared to the same month in 2023.

·       Mon. 5 Feb. Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts: The so-called "pandemic" was planned and globally coordinated decades in advance. "We will expose your global agenda. But we are going to hound you down, the people that are guilty. We are going to hound you down and hold you accountable."

·       Mon. 5 Feb. Doctor blows the whistle on Chemotherapy: 97% of the time Chemotherapy fails, medical doctors have a reason for prescribing Chemo to everyone who has cancer.

·       "The vaccines aren't appropriate for use in humans" Florida's Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo said as he called for an immediate halt to mRNA-based Covid "vaccines", citing cancer and other health risks. "Dr. Ladapo says he has safety concerns pertaining to the discovery of billions of DNA fragments found per dose in the Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines."

K. Border Crisis

·       Sun. 4 Feb. Kat istheSea3: New Senate Border Bill: House Speaker Mike Johnson, “I’ve seen enough. This bill is even worse than we expected. If this bill reaches the House, it will be dead on arrival.” According to Mike Johnson… this radical spending is the result of deals that were made prior to him taking the reins. Here’s what the people pushing this “deal” aren’t telling you: It accepts 5,000 illegal immigrants a day & gives automatic work permits to asylum recipients— a magnet for more illegal immigration

• $60 Billion to Ukraine • $14.1 billion to Israel • $10 Billion in “humanitarian assistance” to Israel • $2 Billion to support US Central Ops Command in Red Sea • $20 Billion for the US Border • $2.3 Billion for “refugee resettlement in the US
• $4.8 Billion to support “partners” in info pacific to deter Chinese Aggression • The FEND Act (Fentanyl Eradication and Narcotics Deterrence)

·       Mon. 5 Feb. White Hats Arrest FEMA Director at Border:

·       Mon. 5 Feb. Crisis at the Border: 60 Minute Documentary how to guide migrants to come to the US illegally. Get a Visa for Mexico. A days walk to Big Bend National Park. A Tiktoker/ Migrants will send you to a clean tunnel for $300. Welcome to America, free healthcare, free education if you’re an immigrant, get a job and monthly benefit income from US government. Source: 60 minute Documentary that says, “We do not condone any actions of illegal activity and we are just interpreting what is already available in on worldwide web for education purposes.”

·       Mon. 5 Feb. Border Crisis: The razor wire that Texas has put up at a park on the border with Mexico has resulted in a "massive reduction" in migrant crossings in the area, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said. Abbott, who has had an ongoing feud with the Biden administration over illegal crossings at the border, said that the governors of other states "are rallying around Texas to support our ongoing right to self-defense, and the deployment of this razor wire that has led to a massive reduction in inflow. The area where we have occupied this park in Eagle Pass, Texas, that we put up the razor wire, there used to be 3,000 or 4,000 people crossing that area a day."

L. Wars and Rumors of Wars:

·       In 2016, Victoria Nuland told Congress that US advisors serve in 12 Ukrainian ministries, US-trained police operate in 18 Ukrainian cities, the US Treasury helped close 60 Ukrainian banks, and the US spent $266 million on training Ukrainian soldiers.Who is this war really between? Russia and Ukraine? Or Russia and the US? (ie. Deep State)

M. Mon. 5 Feb. Update “Ken and Barbie vs. Goliath IRS”

·       During a now-six-year court battle with the IRS Ken and Barbara Cromar won their case in a federal tax court that they owed no monies to the IRS.

·       After which the IRS sent two different SWAT Teams that on two occasions took away Ken and Barbara Cromar’s fully paid for home and threw away all their possessions including expensive camera equipment Ken used to make a living.

·       Now Ken is sitting in jail on charges he lived in his own home and used his own possessions.

·       The Goliath IRS admitted that Barbie & Ken were never sent any Notices of Deficiency AND that the IRS had ever made any Determination of a Tax Liability for Barbie & Ken. As such, the US Tax Court had no jurisdiction over Barbie & Ken. – [This lack of jurisdiction means that everything done to Barbie & Ken including the seizure of their home for an unpaid tax debt, the auctioning off of their home on the court house steps, and their six-year legal battle to protect themselves, their home and reputation (Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness) has been an unlawful attempt by the DOJ to deny Barbie & Ken of their God Given, Constitutional Rights.]

·       Furthermore, the IRS admitted that the Dismissal of the case against Barbie & Ken was because the IRS had not issued Barbie & Ken a Notice of Deficiency or a Notice of Determination before or at the time Barbie & Ken filed their petition on April 2, 2021. – [An Admission that Barbie & Ken DID NOT And NEVER DID OWE ANY TAXES for the tax years 1990 through 2020!]

·       Then in a “typical act of sour grapes,” the IRS threatened Barbie & Ken with a “penalty” if they ever filed a similar petition [complaint] against the IRS. [“Ok, you won, but if you try this again, we will beat up!”]

·       In the United States Tax Court, Petitioner, Barbara-Ann Cromar vs the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Respondent. Barbara Cromar demanded in her petition filed in the US Tax Court on April 2, 2021, that the IRS provide copies of, any and all, the Deficiency Notices, sent to the Cromars, alleging deficiencies or the non-payment of taxes for the years 1990 through 2020.

·       In response, on May 26, 2021, Rebekah A. Meyers, Associate Area Counsel for the Respondent, Commissioner of Internal Revenue, filed a Motion to Dismiss for Barbara.


R. Globalist Agenda:

·       Bill Gates wants to block out the Sun in order to help with climate change, by dispersing nano particles into the stratosphere. How is this dim the Sun technology different from Chemtrails? The process seems to be exactly the same as we are seeing in our skyes everyday, but no one questions what they see in the skyes. Most people think that those are from the commercial airlines. Watch what happens after a couple of hours of spraying, the weather turns from sunny to cloudy and you feel weird from the poison you are breathing. It looks like a grayish, cloudy layer that gets stuck there, it neither rains nor it gets more or less cloudy. Now the real question what critical thinkers should ask, why in the world does Billy want to block out the Sun if the supposed global warming or climate change is driven by human activity and carbon emissions? For a smart person, either he has a wisdom of a goldfish, or there is something much more sinister behind it, it's up to you to decide.

S. Mon. 5 Feb. Charlie Ward: We should begin to see the below list flowing out in the soon coming immediate future.

·       There are other events that are important such as the stock market crash, EBS and the new financial system. I have chosen not to include them in the list below, but those things are coming and we should pay attention to real events that are about to and very soon begin to unfold.

·       Hold the line and stay steady. Lock your faith into the Word of God. What is about to happen is biblical and we should understand that. See you on the other side. The other side is the Promised Land. Are you truly ready? Locked and loaded !

·       As I see it, we are waiting for some public announcements to come forth including the following:

1.  Public announcement of the USN on the gold and asset standard , 2.  Public announcement of the new USN notes money supply , 3.  Public announcement of USN bills paid

a.  Iraq has a trust problem with the US , b.  they need to see items 1-2 and three above publicly announced So they can go forward , 4.  Public announcement of the new Iraq international Dinar rate

5.  Public announcement of the new Iraq international data rate published in The Gazette  6.  Public announcement of Nesara 7.  Public announcement of Gesera  8.  Public announcement of Biden gone 9.  Public announcement of trump's return


10.  Private announcement of RV notifications including 800 numbers  and starlink  a.  Private announcement of tier 3 liquidity and spendableb.  Private announcement for liquidity of all tiers

11.  Public announcement of the following , a.  Social Security increase and change of system b.  Reclamation monies , c.  Debt forgiveness jubilee  , d.  Other funds as applicable

U. Have you heard of the Lucis Trust? It was established in 1922 by Freemasons Alice and Foster Bailey and was originally called LUCIFER PUBLISHING COMPANY. It’s name was changed because it REVEALED the TRUE nature of the SATANIC New Age Movement and caused public outrage. The Lucis Trust original address was 666 United Nations Plaza. Alice was a writer and is regarded by New Agers and Occultists as one of the “prophetesses” of the New Age Movement. She lived between 1880 and 1949. She wrote the Ten Rules for the United Nations for their New World Order.

V. RedPill Alert: Short History of the Q and QAnon Movement . This Q movement to take down the Deep State has been in the planning since President Lincoln was killed in 1865. Ninety-nine years later the Q Movement took on a more formal appearance with the Deep State Banking Cabal’s murder of President Kennedy in 1964.

·       It was 46 years from there when Military Action for the Q movement Alliance started in earnest in 2012. Their first major event took three years in the making, and culminated with the arrest of Hillary Clinton for Treason on Sept. 11 2016. They executed her at GITMO in 2018.

·       Meanwhile in 2016 the Alliance made sure Donald Trump was elected US President despite widespread Voter Fraud by the Democrat Party in collusion with foreign powers, including the Chinese Communist Party.

·       In Jan. 2017 on the morning before being sworn into office, Trump paid a visit to CIA Headquarters and declared a war on the International Satan worshipping Cabal Child Sex Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring run by the Vatican.

·       Later in 2017 Trump was on a world tour to form the Worldwide Alliance, after which one of the main figures in the global Child Sex Trafficking and murder ring, Tom Hanks, was executed in 2018.

·       By April 2019 Biden, Pelosi and Obama had been charged with Treason and Collusion with the Chinese Communist Party for Child Sex Trafficking run out of the White House. Sat. 6 April 2019 Pelosi Charged With Treason ,  Tues. 9 April 2019 Obama, Clinton, Pelosi Among Those Expected Charged with Treason, Sedition

·       On Sun. 25 April 2021 in a Fox News Hannity bombshell report Julian Assange had claimed, “We have hard proof that President Obama ran a pedophile ring out of the White House.”





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