Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 11, 2024


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 11, 2024


JUDY NOTE: APRIL 1ST WAS THE BEGINNING OF THE NEW YEAR ON THE JULIAN CALENDAR, which this New Year would bring in the new Quantum Financial System and create Sovereign Republics for all BRICS nations. Freedom from debt will be released for all on the Planet to enjoy.

Also in this Julian Calendar New Year the QFS and Sovereign Republics would cancel 1 April Fools Day because no prank was greater than the joke that was running the country right now.

Actually the whole thing about the Globalist Cartel taking away freedoms of not only the American people, but peoples of the World, started back in 1903 with an Alliance that formed between the great discoverer of natural magnetic energy of the Earth, Nicola Tesla, of whom Howard Hughes followed. They both connected with a few US Generals – all wanting The People to have control over US Taxpayer monies.

A certain group of US Generals had been concerned about the matter of The People not having control of their own tax monies since the 1865 assassination of Lincoln – who tried to change the corrupt system.

The privately owned Federal Reserve, which controlled those US Taxpayer monies, was formed in 1913 as a privately owned US Inc. corporation run by the Rothschild bankers, Crown of England and Vatican – now known as the Globalist Cartel.

The Globalists were infiltrated by the Khazarian Mafia, Shriners and Free Masons, all funded by US Taxpayer dollars by way of a CIA Black Budget. They obtained their power through worship of Satan that required the torture and human sacrifice of children – the more innocent the victims, the more power they felt.

By the 1960s the Alliance was working with President JF Kennedy to get rid of the Globalist’s Federal Reserve, which led to the US Inc. funded CIA killing Kennedy with help from Globalists in the Pentagon and State Department.

That’s when the Q movement to take back our Freedoms from the Globalist Cartel was more formally organized. By the early 2000s the Q Movement had gradually spread across the Globe.

It has continued to gain momentum to this day under leadership of President Trump – and was soon to result in a March 2024 Global Currency Reset to gold/asset-backed currencies and new Sovereign Republics of the World.

· Must See Video: A Message to All Unbelievers About the Tribunals and Executions

· CIA Funds Child Sex Trafficking Cult Run Out of the Vatican:· Sat. 9 March Judy Byington: It's Over.. President Trump. The Storm Is Here! Martial Law Imminent. Banks Collapsing Worldwide. EBS Engaged. Special Intel Report 3/10/24

· The World Health Organization was started by David Rockefeller, who was into Eugenics – the Globalist World Depopulation Agenda’s practice of preventing reproduction of people that had traits they considered to be undesirable, such as those who were independent thinkers whom the Globalists knew they couldn’t control.

· Banks Collapsing: Trillions of dollars in US Treasury bonds were returning to Europe and 110 countries, revealing the alarming truth that American Multinationals were on the brink of insolvency.

A. TIMELINE:· On Thurs. 22 Feb. the Cabal capitulated, followed by Trump releasing the final phase of The Plan – which was Mass Arrests. Those arrests were hoped to be completed by Fri. 15 March.

· On Sat. 23 Feb. 2024 the World Trade Organization announced that Iraq had completed all requirements to be accepted as a member including having set their new Iraqi Dinar Rate, which the next day on Wed. 28 Feb, the Central Bank of Iraq announced as $3.47. Then the Dinar went live on back screens of the Forex for $2.70 and began fluctuating upward in value.

· By Thurs. 29 Feb. at around 7 pm EST Iraqi PM Al Suddani formally announced that the Dinar was asset-backed and Iraq had officially joined BRICS.

· On Fri. 1 March, with various countries new currency rates having been agreed upon, Iraq officially joined other BRICS nations for the Global Currency Reset – exactly one year (March 2023) after the new Quantum Financial System went live on the Star Link Satellite Network.

· On Thurs. 7 March after Actor Biden’s State of the Nation Address, President Trump hit the Green Light that released the new gold/asset-backed US Treasury note to the World. Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) notification to set redemption/ exchange appointments could occur at any moment. Tier4b will have 14-15 days to exchange at Redemption Centers at the special rates, after which you would have to exchange at a bank at the lower rates.

· On Mon. 11 March the Bank Term Funding Program (BTFP) will cease making new loans according to the Federal Reserve Board. This would be a huge catalyst for the banking crisis and beginning of the new gold-backed financial system!

· By Mon. 11 March, Worldwide Martial Law could be made Public, with Ten Days of Darkness/ Exposure beginning via takeover of Mainstream Media.· Q Clock Ends Mon. 11 March, 11:11. Return Of Q = "The Plan to save the World". …Mr. Pool on Telegram Sun. 10 March

· On Fri. 15 March the new gold/asset-backed UST Note should be available to the General Public and will replace the old Federal Reserve fiat US Dollar in ATM machines.· It was also likely that on that same Fri. 15 March Restitution and Rebate monies will begin to be paid out and Social Security increases will begin.· Wed. 20 March would end the ten days of Disclosure.

B. GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET:· Q Clock Ends Mon. 11 March, 11:11. Return Of Q = "The Plan to save the World." …Mr. Pool on Telegram Sun. 10 March

· On Mon. 11 March banks will no longer be legally able to loan the fiat US Dollar as per announcement of the Federal Reserve Board. In other words, banks will begin to close on Mon. 11 March. The only way they can save the economy is to activate the Global Currency Reset - which evidently they did on Thurs. 7 March after the fake Biden's State of the Union Address when Trump gave the Green Light for the new US Treasury Note release.

· Sat. 9 March: Shari Raye said her intel (military) has told her the UST has given the Green Light and was supposed to be this weekend. It seems to line up with Bruce and Wolvie saying the codes released after the speech...hang on, this could be right as Bruce said he would see us on the other side.

· Fri. 8 March Texas Snake: Banks have been placed on alert beginning Mon. 11 March, so he feels we are close. We might get notified but exchanging would start a few days after that.

· Thurs. Evening 7 March Wolverine: "One hour after the State of Union Address, all bonds will be released and notifications will be released".· Thurs. 7 March A high up Source said we would get notification sometime over the weekend.

· Thurs. 7 March Bruce: This morning a source from Iraq said that Iraq would get the RV out to us over the weekend. Another source said that one hour after the start of the State of the Union speech Thurs. evening everything would be released: Bond Holders, Admirals Group and Tier4 funds would be released. Notifications could come at any time.

· Thurs. 7 March Q Phones and GESARA: Trump’s Vision for the Future of Quantum Phones and the Global Currency Reset, Powered by Stellar Blockchain 

C. GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS:· Thurs. 7 March Transforming Global Financial Systems: The Evolution from SWIFT to AIIB, CIPS, and QFS – Connecting the Dots and Trust the Plan!

· Sun. 10 March “If you knew who was behind Bitcoin, if you knew who started Bitcoin, you would run as fast as you could to sell it. When the owner is revealed I know 100% that in a microsecond, it will plunge to Zero”. …Dan Pena

D. BANKING COLLAPSE, BEN FULFORD:· BANK COLLAPSE Reveals shocking links to tribunals and war crimes!· Prepare for the unthinkable: Trillions of dollars in US Treasury bonds are returning to Europe and 110 countries, revealing the alarming truth that American multinationals are on the brink of insolvency.

· Prepare for the impending catastrophic COLLAPSE that will send shockwaves across Europe and beyond.· France's brazen act of stealing the wealth of its citizens has sparked widespread civil unrest.

· Hyperinflation in Germany is decimating the metal industry, crippling weapons production and pushing companies to the brink of bankruptcy.

· Deutsche Bank's involvement with Epstein's shady connections and his web of international ties, including Estonian banks, is unraveling, as global courts launch far-reaching investigations that could destroy the global banking system.

· Israel's descent into chaos: a catastrophe in the making. The nation of Israel finds itself in a desperate situation as it hurtles toward chaos.

E. SAT. 9 MARCH Z: ULTRA VERBUM VINCENT ON TELEGRAM:· Remember, as the Yuan is backed by gold in the IMF basket of SDR’s, the new SDR basket will consist of 95% Yuan and 5% USD.

· At that point the IMF is rolled up into the BRICS New Development Bank and the World Bank will become the Chinese World Bank.· And yes, the Renminbi will replace the USD as global monetary trade payment settlement via oil being backed by gold through Renminbi internationalization.

· The Dollar will be replaced globally.· That’s why China will raise their gold price to $2,300 next week via the SGE.· China is going to break the dollar; gold paper contracts, derivatives implosion.· Then China will have peaceful reunification with Taiwan.

F. RESTORED REPUBLIC:· Just two months ago after 8 months and 11 days in a Ukrainian prison, journalist and U.S. citizen Gonzalo Lira died. His alleged crime. Though he was never convicted, he was arrested for voicing an opinion contrary to the government — what we in America call “Free Speech”.

· State of the Union according to Biden: 1 Min Ago: Judge Jeanine & Mike Johnson Leaked Evidence That Will Send Biden to Jail


I used to believe what I saw on the evening news.I used to get fighting mad when people said 9/11 was an inside job.I used to think Bush was a good president.I used to think our elections mattered.I used to believe what "science" said.I used to think we actually went to the moon in that stupid aluminum foil bucket.I used to think people that were anti-vax were just crazy.

I used to think chemtrails were just a stupid conspiracy theory.I used to think our dollar had value.I used to think Israel was our "biggest ally."I used to think the wars we fought were righteous, instead of being fought over lies so the Military Industrial Complex can prosper while our best men died.

The point is, I used to think a lot of things that I don't think's OK to admit it when you're wrong.In fact, admitting when you're wrong is about the only way we will ever be able to fix kingdom for the rest of you to start admitting it now.

H. CIA-BACKED ILLUMINATI DEEP STATE CABAL GLOBALIST AGENDA:· Alex Jones over 20 years ago: "There is a tyrannical organization calling itself the New World Order. Yes, there have been corrupt empires. Yes, they are manipulative. Yes, there are secret societies. Yes, there have been oligarchies throughout history. And yes, today, in 2002, there is a tyrannical organization calling itself the New World Order that is pushing for a world government, a cashless society, open borders, complete and utter tyranny, where people are absolutely worthless".

· Bill Gates wants to vaccinate cows against farting to stop the planet from getting hotter. He is a psychopathic lunatic.

· Sun. 10 March People Speaking Out Against US Government Land Grabs. A video shows Government County Vehicles Dropping Off Beavers Onto People’s Properties. They Flood The Area, Destroy Everyone’s Property Values, They Fine You If You Remove Them & Then They Swoop In & Buy Up All The Land/ Properties:

· Award-winning international journalist, Alex Newman, on why the "man-made global warming" narrative is finally crumbling. "Three new peer-reviewed papers, published in major prestigious scientific journals... completely undermine the alleged scientific consensus on man-made global warming".

· Fri. 8 March BOOM! Most Controversial Document in Internet History: The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia

· Sun. 10 March “My husband owns a gun shop, and he just called me to tell me that the ATF has made updates to their background check policy. And effective today, they give an exemption to illegal immigrants to be able to purchase firearms. Now this strangely coincides with, uh, California, New York, and Chicago making it legal for illegals to be police officers. Tell me our government isn't about to pull some shenanigans, without telling me our government's about to pull some shenanigans”.

I. WARS AND RUMORS OF WARS:· Sun. 10 March What the hell is going on in Haiti. A state of emergency has been declared in the country after gangs attacked two prisons, setting many criminals free. Haiti gangs 'armed with drones and US guns' as they threaten to kill country's leader. Haiti is "in a state of chaos" as a violent gang members attack police officers with machetes, a journalist in Port-au-Prince tells Daily Express US.

· Sat. 9 March The Slow Beginning of WW3: Col. Douglas MacGregor: NATO Plans Intervention In Odessa! NATO's Ambitions Are Clearly Evident!

· Sun. 10 March Haiti Absolute Anarchy: Haiti was on the brink of total collapse amid mass prison breaks. Gangs have taken control, torching police stations, assaulting airports and setting the Interior Ministry on fire. The Prime Minister has fled the country. The U.S. military flew in Marines to reinforce its embassy in Haiti and evacuate non-essential personnel as heavily-armed gangs continue to challenge the country’s tenuous government and turn the country’s capital, Port-au-Prince, into a battlefield.

· Sat. 9 March Iran has constructed shelters in both northern and southern Gaza, breaking the Israeli blockade and sending a powerful message to the West. These shelters will distribute food and other necessary items to the people of Gaza, especially the tens of thousands of starving children, freely; and will work to ensure the genocide fails utterly. …E on Telegram · Sun. 10 March Juan O'Savin, Urgent Warning Waves of Attacks Coming

J. MAGA EXTREMIST POLICIES #MAGA2024, Fulford  · Don’t murder your children via abortion· Stop child sex trafficking and drug trafficking by closing the border· Drill oil here in America· End our intervention in every conflict around the world. Sure up our own military· Detox our military from Wokeness· Bring manufacturing back to America

These are basic positions to hold for Americans but Biden, the Democrats, and the Media has somehow made these out to be radical ideas. What are the Democrats and Biden doing right now. Not proposals… but actively doing.

· Actively flying hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals into the Country· Facilitating child sex slave trafficking at the border· Flooding our cities with illegals from around the world, lowering your wages, raising your taxes, stressing your infrastructure· Bringing bills forward that is $99B for foreign borders, $20B to help facilitate trafficking at our border

· Abortion up until birth.· They’re willing to start WWIII for Ukraine, a country we have NO right to claim. They’re willing to sacrifice us in nuclear warfare for it.· They armed Afghanistan with $85B worth of military equipment while advocating to DISARM YOU· Charging and arresting their top political opponent

· Charging and arresting JOURNALISTS who documented Jan 6th. Not all journalists, ONLY right wing journalists. Let that sink in.

K. BIDEN CRIME FAMILY:· Way back on Sunday 27 Dec. 2020 a Ukrainian Press Conference outlined International Corruption Sanctioned under Democratic Senators. They demanded return of billions stolen from the Ukrainian people laundered through what has been referred to as the Biden Crime Family.

· While serving as Vice President in the Obama Administration Joe Biden outwardly bragged on TV about blackmailing a Ukraine prosecutor, plus just before the 2020 Election was filmed while admitting, “We have put together the most Comprehensive Voter Fraud Organization in the History of Politics (and you guys did it for the Obama Administration also”). Joe Biden brags about having “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD Organization” in history. (

L. THE REAL NEWS FOR SUN. 10 MARCH 2024:· Sat. 9 March New Charlie Ward: March Madness Huge Intel 2024

· Sat. 9 March The Texas DEW Fires, Shariraye: · Sun. 10 March Special Forces Destroy Texas DEW Fires Plane AND Special Forces Destroy DEW Plane · Sat. 9 March Frog News 17 Weekly ReCap Part 2

· Sat. 9 March Arizona, Tuscon: Stunning images show a massive amount of male illegal immigrants from across the Globe crossing the border – 17,000 in one week, a record.· Sat. 9 March Juan O' Savin & David Nino Rodriguez: SHOCKING NEWS 03.08: Brace For the Coming Crisis

· Sun. 10 March Tucker Carlson: “They’re going to STEAL the Election. Joe Biden can’t win in a fair election, so what does that tell you. Well, they’re going to steal the election. And we know they’re going to steal the election because they’re now saying so out loud. The Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the United States government [Merrick Garland] is telling you that it’s immoral, in fact racist, in fact illegal, to ask people for their IDs when they vote to verify they are who they say they are”.

· Sat. 9 March: A new bill in the state of California will allow for illegal migrants with no credit to get houses before legal U.S. citizens. · Sat. 9 March Gene Decode: Latest Update Mar 8 - U.S. Military & White Hats in CONTROL

· Giant Nikola Tesla coils found abandoned in Russia. Tesla coil is a type of resonant transformer circuit invented by Nikola Tesla around 1891. It was used to produce high voltage of electricity directly from the Ether.

· Thurs. 7 March Mexican BRICS Gambit: Sovereignty or Subterfuge. Unraveling the Chaotic Clash at the Presidential Palace · Sat. 9 March Global Martial Law on March 15th and 26th! | Alternative

· Fri. 8 March From the 17th Letter on Telegram: We Are Saving Israel For Last · Fri. 8 March Watch: First Footage Of National Guard Patrolling NYC Subway Following Gov. Announcement

· Sat. 9 March The Taliban released a video of fields of US military vehicles, piles of US high-end weapons, and rooms filled with stacks of 100 dollar bills that were surrendered to them by Joe Biden.

· Sat. 9 March Russia Has Destroyed Ukraine's Army! NATO's Turn. - Scott Ritter | War and Conflict · Sat. 9 March Breaking! 72 Hour Warning! Things Are Getting Scary! - Full Spectrum Survival

· Sat. 9 March BQQM!!! Judy Byington Bombshell Report! “It’s Over” …President Trump! JFK Jr. is Alive and Serving as the New American Republic VP under President Trump While US Inc.’s USD Dies – Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 9, 2024

· Fri. 8 March Situation Update: Judy Byington Bombshell Report! Patriots, Your Role is Only Beginning; Are You Ready to Finish What We Started. Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 8, 2024 · Sat. 9 March Khazarian Mafia Fake Jews Have Infiltrated America:· Sun. 10 March New Kerry Cassidy Q Drop - It's Now Coming, It's Happening!


· The grim, unethical reality of net zero: 40,000+ child slaves work in the extremely hazardous conditions of Congo's Cobalt Mining Industry, which produces 72% of the world's cobalt—a key ingredient in the Rechargeable Batteries used in Electric Vehicles.

· California: People Are Doing EXTREMELY EVIL Things In This World & The Media Used To Do Their Job & Report It. Entire Shipping Containers Found Filled To The Top With Human Babies “Walls clear to the ceiling — heads chopped off, arms, legs — 17,000 infants had been stored in a container”. This makes me sick to the core!

· Hollywood: Jennifer Aniston was born a man. He was married to Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt divorced him to marry Anglina Jolie, also born as a man. You can only imagine what all three had to do in Pedowood to get to their stardom.

· 1998 France Popular Actor and Producer Robert De Niro, was arrested by the French Vice Squad at the Bristol Hotel in Paris 1998 in connection with an International Prostitution Ring.


· Now that the narrative about Covid-19 Vaccination, or vaccination of any kind for that matter, has completely crumbled and calls for Nuremberg-style tribunals grow ever louder, the people who were complicit in perpetuating the narrative, and the tyranny it supposedly justified—or who were too cowardly to speak out against it when it actually counted—are like rats scurrying to flee a sinking ship.

· Sat. 9 March: They are finding spike proteins from the jab right in the middle of cancer cells.· Remember the PCR tests. Well the MSM have confirmed that they were laced with the poisonous chemical Sodium Azide.

· Sat. 9 March: “The COVID Vaccines Are the Most Dangerous Vaccines of All Time. Not only is there NO clinical benefit that is demonstrated, but it kills you,” says @stkirsch. “Far more people have been killed by the vaccines than by the COVID virus. It has killed probably on the order of — it’s over 10 million people worldwide have been killed by these vaccines. Far more people have been killed by the vaccines than by the COVID virus. And most of the deaths, like 90% of the deaths from the COVID virus are from the hospital treatment protocols”. 

· 17,000 doctors and scientists have signed a treaty that declared: "The data confirms that the COVID-19 experimental genetic therapy injections must end... They can damage your heart, your brain, your reproductive tissue, and your lungs".

· Sat. 9 March Dr. Charles Hoffe Faces Trial for telling the truth about COVID-19:· Sat. 9 March Senator Paul Exposes COVID Cover Up:  · Sat. 9 March Biden's 2024 reelection pitch: "Folks... we we we we we have to start off by vaccinating America."

· Sun. 10 March Bill Gates ‘Monetizes Philanthropy', Robert Kennedy Jr. “He gets tax deductions for giving money to the WHO, he gains control of the WHO…The WHO finances the health ministries in virtually every country in Africa. He can say as a condition of getting that money, you have to show that you vaccinated a certain percentage of your population as the milestone. And the vaccines that they’re buying are owned by companies that Gates owns… The punchline on almost all of his philanthropic projects is that he ends up making money”.

· Sat. 9 March Dangerous chemicals found in 80% of Burger King, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut & Dominos food.

O. SUN. 10 MARCH: ACCORDING TO NUMEROUS ARTICLES ON THE REAL RAW NEWS WEBSITE, many Political Elite Globalists who committed Treason, participated in the international Child Sex Trafficking Ring of DUMB Underground Tunnels run by the Vatican and planned to depopulate the World have already been put under arrest, with tribunals and executions quickly following. Real Raw News | Science, Politics, Conspiracy, Trump

The roundup of the DC Swamp and Pedowood actually began in 2013 when Bill and Melinda Gates were hanged by India parents of children killed and maimed by their vaccines.

The cleanup of the DC Swamp continued that same year with the execution of President George HW Bush in Nov. 2013. It was at Bush’s funeral where the Clintons, Obamas, Biden, Pence and others were given cards signed by Bush that essentially told them that they were next.

According to Real Raw News there have been many other executions of prominent people, most of which were hangings at GITMO. After the below Political Elites died some were represented in the public eye by clones or body doubles – the most prominent being Joe Biden who never even made it to his Presidential inauguration. Biden/Obama Tied to Child Sex Trafficking; Children, Bodies Rescued from US Bio-weapon Labs Under Biden Ukraine Property

P. GREG REESE PODCAST - UNDERGROUND TUNNELS AND HYBRID BREEDING (Jan. 26, 2024) Greg Reese Podcast—Underground Tunnels and Hybrid Breeding Programs | Ellis Washington Report

· Beneath our feet, beneath the earth lays a highly complex system of tunnel networks many miles underground called DUMBs (e.g., Deep Underground Military Bases) that has existed the most ancient times.

· Many of these more recent tunnel systems were created by the military and for military use to conquer and subdue the nations of the world.· An even more sinister purpose is alluded to in the Greg Reese Podcast transcript cited below. The hidden agenda to seed the human race after a great cataclysmic reset: 

· The tunnels beneath Chabad headquarters in Brooklyn were immediately filled in with cement insuring that there would be no investigation to conflict with the nonsensical cover-story that they were recently dug in response to the COVID lockdowns. In today’s pop-culture it is speculated that they are related to Child Sex Trafficking, which is indeed a horrific problem with the human race, but there seems to be something more to these tunnels. Tunnels leading underground are one of Earth’s greatest mysteries and can be found all over the world and all throughout history.

· According to a report by journalist Chris Menahan published on Jan. 9, 2024 regarding a Dec. 22, 2023 incident, “A Union Street homeowner who spoke with said that they had been hearing suspicious noises at night in their home for a period of time. As the noise continued, the concerned homeowner notified someone of the sounds and their suspicion”. This innocuous report opened up a Pandora’s Box of bizarre, disturbing findings of underground tunnel systems under an historic Jewish Synagogue with evidence of children and torture being evident including soiled mattresses covered with blood and semen stains. Of course, the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia-controlled media has covered up this story and referred to all further references to these disturbing events as “Antisemitism”.

· Phil Schneider first exposed to the world about Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) Networks in the early 1990s, but few People Listened to him Phil Schneider Area 51 Deep Underground Military Bases & The New World Order. Military Agreed To Feed People To Aliens In Exchange For Technology. The CIA’s Darkest Most Vile Operation And It Is Still Ongoing Today. Above Majestic Disclosure! Also see article about Phil Schneider Exposing the Huge Dulce Military Base Underground Complex.

· Phil Schneider, a structural engineer who spent seventeen years as a military contractor building deep underground military bases, went on a tour giving lectures and blowing the whistle on what he witnessed. He claimed there were a hundred and twenty-nine deep underground bases in America alone. All of which were the size of a small city.

· He found that some of these underground bases were connecting to ancient underground tunnels and cave networks that were inhabited by a non-human species which he ran into while building an underground base beneath Dulce New Mexico.

· Schneider said that the Dulce area was a hub of underground bases all connected by a high-speed underground rail system. Less than a year after blowing the whistle, Schneider died under suspicious circumstances.

· Dulce New Mexico is a hundred and seventy kilometers from the four corners, an area known for the Skin-walkers, who the Hopi tribe describe as a non-human species that live underground. Dulce is two hundred and sixty kilometers from Scientology’s heavily guarded underground Trementina Base. And Dulce is two hundred kilometers from Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro Ranch, which is known to have an eight thousand square foot underground level and is rumored to lead even deeper underground. According to several prominent scientists who Jeffrey Epstein had as guests, Epstein hoped to seed the human race after a cataclysm by impregnating twenty women at a time at the Zorro ranch.

· In an article by Medeea Greere, Ex-Military Engineer Phil Schneider Speaks Out On: Adrenochrome, Child-Trafficking and D.U.M.B.s (video) the author writes, “Phil Schneider, a very brave man, has lost his life due to what appeared to be a military-style execution in January 1996. He was found dead in his apartment with piano wire still wrapped around his neck. See additional biographical info on Phil Schneider.

· According to some sources, he had been brutally tortured repeated before being killed. Phil Schneider was an ex-government engineer who was involved in building underground bases. He was one of three people to survive the 1979 fire fight between the large Greys and U.S. intelligence and military forces at Dulce underground base”.

· Phil Schneider revealed in his lectures that around 100,000 children, and 1,000,000 adults go missing and unaccounted for every year, just in the United States alone. Mind you, he spoke of this in the 90′s. He alludes that many of the underground bases are used to facilitate this black market trade.

· The children are exposed to a variety of appalling abuses, according to Phil. Sex slavery, for one. He also suggests human and biological experimentation, of which the details can only be reserved for the most grisly and unimaginable nightmares.

· But also, even worse, that there is a massive black-market demand for the blood of children, who are raised like livestock, molested, tortured, terrorized, to increase the adrenaline flowing through their blood, then harvested for body parts, the penal gland in particular. The resulting effect of the victim’s severe trauma produces an adrenaline gland with high concentration of adrenaline secretions. It is considered a delicacy; a psychedelic hallucinogen with LSD-like effects; and an anti-aging miracle drug.





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