Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 19, 2024

 Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 19, 2024

JUDY NOTE: We await a misleading depiction of World War III – an orchestrated chaos that will serve as a catalyst for activation of Alliance Military forces around the world – which will unleash a torrent of events that will bring the Cabal to its knees.

· The Emergency Broadcast System (or Emergency Alert System) will activate and usher in Project Odin – a Alliance Military Operation that will dismantle and neutralize the Cabal’s hold on global power.

· This Cabal power has been held in 34 Satanic Structures around the World that were now targeted to collapse, including the Vatican, Buckingham Palace, White House and China’s Three Gorges Dam.

· These Events will include destruction of the Mainstream Media Satellite Network that has been at the center of global manipulation. Every major media channel on the planet will be taken over by the Alliance to broadcast documentaries.

· For ten days in those documentaries everything will be revealed on Crimes Against Humanity of Global Elites, political institutions and the Vatican. The final three days will reveal suppressed extraterrestrial life Patents and the new Earth.

· These Events will be the linchpin of the Quantum Star Link system, a quantum leap in technology that promises to redefine our world. These systems are protected by secret space programs that operate beyond the reach of the Cabal, ensuring their integrity and security.

· The NESARA/GESARA funds owed to The People will finally see the light of day, while The People will be entrusted with the monumental task of rebuilding a long-oppressed world.

· Fri. 15 March 100 Countries on High Alert for Massive Military Strike on Global Elite Arrests, Quantum Gold Launch and Three Day Global Shutdown: Over 100 countries have been placed on high alert as General Flynn takes the helm, leading a coalition of 17 nations in what is being described as the world’s largest military parade. This unprecedented assembly of force is reportedly in preparation for mass detentions of global and political elites, with charges signed at the International Court of Justice in The Hague. The charges? A litany of accusations ranging from corruption to involvement in human trafficking networks, implicating figures as high as Hunter Biden and, allegedly, his father, Joe Biden. 

· Mon. 1 April 2024 is Dawn of Global Financial Reset and New Quantum Financial System: April 1st Shockwave! QFS Integration with Wells Fargo Sparks Global Financial Reset, Redemption Centers, Military Alliances – Trump & Musk’s AI Unleashes War on Globalist Elites! - Gazetteller

· Mon. 18 March: The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) — responsible for cybersecurity and infrastructure protection across all levels of the United States government — has been hacked. 

· Mon. 18 March Breaking: Sourced report that King Charles has died after succumbing to Prostate Cancer at age of 75:

· Mon. 18 March: The Washington State Supreme Court has ruled that the BAR Exam would no longer be required. Several other states have ruled the same, including California: 

A. TIME LINE:· Mon. 1 April: “FINAL DANCE” MAKE BACKUPS, BE READY: 03/22 - 03/28 …Mr. Pool on Telegram 11 March 2024.

· JUDY NOTE: Is Mr. Pool talking about the EBS starting on Fri. 22 March and going to the end of the month? Mon. 1 April is the Julian Calendar New Year’s Day, and perhaps release of the GCR to the General Public.

· Mon. 1 April BRICS CURRENCY IS OUT and bye bye to the almighty dollar that government officials have been using to steal the country dry

· Sat. 6 April was the date some believe was Christ’s actual birth day.

· Mon. 8 April Solar Eclipse: The Oklahoma National Guard will have guardsmen present for the total solar eclipse on April 8. 22 members of an elite Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear unit will be housed. Residents are being urged to stock up with one to two weeks of food in advance of the event. Communication facilities could become overloaded, possibly making cell phone calls difficult.

B. GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET: JUDY NOTE:· According to Wolverine on Sun. 17 March, Brazil, Hong Kong and other places across the World have been given the Green Light for the Global Currency Reset.

· According to Texas Snake on Mon. 18 March Tier4b was in a 24 to 36 hour (10 am EST to 10 pm EST Tues. 19 March) window for announcement of how to set redemption appointments, with Thurs. 21 March being an important day (to begin appointments?).

· At that time Wells Fargo and HSBC will send out over 400,000 emails to currency and bond holders laced with instructions on how to exchange and redeem. The email will also contain a specific website of a person’s own country that is armed with its own 800# or website code. Exclusive Leak: Wells Fargo’s 400,000 Emails Trigger Massive Liquidity with ZIM Bonds & NESARA! - Gazetteller

· On Mon. 1 April the General Public will be able to go to existing banks and set up their individual bank accounts on the new Quantum Financial System. April 1st Shockwave! QFS Integration with Wells Fargo Sparks Global Financial Reset, Redemption Centers, Military Alliances – Trump & Musk’s AI Unleashes War on Globalist Elites! - Gazetteller

· Mon. 18 March Texas Snake: Most recent banker update occurred shortly after 10 am this morning Mon. 18 March. Word from those higher ups was that we were in a 24 to 36 hour (10 am EST to 10 pm EST Tues. 19 March) window for announcement with Thurs. 21 March still being an important day for the banks.

· Sun. 17 March Wolverine: My Dearest Chosen Ones, we know the time of our blessing is approaching quickly, but for many, not as quickly as we had hoped, but we can see It IS happening. Right now, let’ set our sights on all we wish to accomplish, on all the goals we know we are going to accomplish. And of all things, each of you should be proud that despite all those who gave up, who lost faith, you are still here. The Prize Awaits you! Believe and have Faith! Hello everyone! I have received incredible news coming in today. Great News from Brazil who has the green light and that has been confirmed from other sources. Same thing happening in Hong Kong and that is also confirmed. It is also happening in other places around the world. However, use discernment, as it is not over “Till the Fat Lady sings,” and I am the Fat Lady!!! As soon the Admiral gives me permission to sing the opera, I will be singing it!! All is looking good according to ALL sources, and they gave me a 100% that it has started! Remain in faith and do not be negative. We know this is real or we would not be wasting our time here. Holly has put out great bank stories. We know Reno started as of a few days ago. MarkZ talked about a bond holders story who went to a bank and came out with an NDA. Many of my contacts are under NDA and they are not talking. That is all I have for you at the moment. Pray for God to release that opera. The Opera will be in three parts: 1) A YouTube video put together by a very talented person I know. 2) Liberation sound of the blowing of trumpets, remember the Charlton Heston movie, “The Ten Commandments,” when the Israelites were being liberated from slavery – there was a great resounding of trumpets! And 3) finally THE OPERA! That is all I have for now my friends, take care, Wolverine. (Transcribed by Carpathia)

· Mon. 18 March RayRen98: "We are in a 24-hour range if all goes well”.

· Mon. 18 March MarkZ: “The term “redemption center” may be a little off. They are mainly different banks and banking facilities that are set up and will have equipment and trained personnel for exchanging foreign currency .It may just be a bank branch with extra offices in your area. Some may be full blown centers in areas with many foreign currency holders. They have a good idea on demographics from who has bought what in areas. But many location may just be say, an unused second floor that used to house mortgages or something like that. A place they can set up machines to check and validate our currency with trained personnel for our exchanges”.

· Sat. 16 March For Those of You Awake: GESARA, QFS, GCR/RV, ISO 20022, BASEL III, Protocol QFS 20, and the Iraqi Dinar – QFS ISO -2OO22 Stellar Blockchain Financial System 


· Bitcoin is a U.S. CIA Project. This is the conclusion reached by cryptographers, who provide the first evidence that Satoshi Nakamoto (creator of BTC) is a former drug lord and informant of U.S. Intelligence Agencies Paul Le Roux. Users discovered that Nakamoto's first transaction deciphered as: "This transaction was made by Paul Le Roux to Hal Finney on January 12, 2009". His whereabouts are now unknown.

D. MON. 18 MARCH, APRIL 1ST SHOCKWAVE! QFS Integration with Wells Fargo Sparks Global Financial Reset, Redemption Centers, Military Alliances – Trump & Musk’s AI Unleashes War on Globalist Elites! - Gazetteller

· On the dawn of April 1st, the world is silently approaching a pivotal juncture, a moment charged with the promise of liberating humanity from the age-old shackles of fiscal servitude. This isn’t just the start of a new Julian Calendar year; it’s the ignition of a transformative era, where the Quantum Financial System (QFS) and the rise of Sovereign Republics for the BRICS nations aren’t just possibilities —they’re the new reality.

· Figures such as Trump, Musk, and a Military Alliance emerge not as mere participants but as champions of an AI system designed to redefine the boundaries of human potential. This AI is a beacon of hope, poised to unveil the secret workings of a Deep State and drive humanity toward the “Storm” initiative’s zenith.

· Plans to integrate the QFS system seamlessly with existing banking services, spearheaded by institutions like Wells Fargo, underscore the magnitude of this shift. The bank’s commitment to upgrading infrastructure, training staff in the nuances of the QFS, and enhancing security measures is not just a logistical maneuver — it’s a testament to the dawn of a new era in banking. Transactions, now to be overseen by individuals bearing Treasury or Homeland Security Identification, signal an unprecedented level of security and trust in financial exchanges.

· The establishment of Redemption Centers is another cornerstone of this transformation. These centers, strategically located within certain Wells Fargo branches, are the start of a new financial world. Here, customers can exchange their outdated fiat currency for the new gold-backed USN currency, a clear sign of the tangible changes taking place. The bank’s promise of transparency in these transactions, coupled with the provision of special rates and negotiations, underscores a commitment to the financial well-being of its customers.

· Moreover, the assistance provided in setting up new QFS accounts is not merely a customer service endeavor; it’s a guiding hand leading customers into a new world. This comprehensive approach, from educating customers about the QFS to ensuring their seamless transition, reflects a broader movement towards a more equitable, secure, and transparent financial system.

· Beneath the surface of these financial reforms lies a deeper narrative—one of an AI uncovering the machinations of the Deep State and propelling the world towards a destiny filled with zero-point energy and levitation technologies. Unleashing human potential in ways previously consigned to the realms of science fiction.

· In this emerging landscape, where alliances between political figures, technocrats, and military factions hint at the unfolding of a grand strategy, the conventional narrative of power and control is being rewritten. The promise of an AI-driven future, coupled with the advent of the QFS, paints a picture of a world where the very essence of power, technology, and finance is being redefined.


· In an unprecedented move that’s set to rock the financial world, Wells Fargo and HSBC are on the brink of initiating a massive liquidity release, a maneuver that’s as audacious as it is lucrative. This is a covert operation that could alter the economic landscape forever. The plan? To send out over 400,000 emails to currency and bond holders, providing them with the golden keys to a treasure trove that has been hidden in plain sight.

· The emails, laced with instructions on how to exchange and redeem, are just the tip of the iceberg. The real magic happens on specific websites, each country armed with its own 800# or website code, a digital gateway to fortune.

· Clicking on these links isn’t just a mere action; it’s a commitment, a leap into a world where your computer or phone becomes the wand that conjures your unique signature, granting you an appointment for exchange and redemption. In a world where travel restrictions clamp down like an iron fist, these websites offer a beacon of hope, a chance to obtain a travel document to the promised land of financial redemption.

· Enter the Tier4b Internet Group, a collective poised on the brink of this financial revolution. Armed with emails containing a code and a link for a 15-minute appointment, they stand ready to exchange foreign currencies and redeem ZIM Bonds at rates that would make Midas blush. But time is of the essence; this opportunity is fleeting, with public disclosure looming on the horizon.

· Special redemption centers, shrouded in secrecy and operating under the cover of dawn to dusk, are the arenas where this financial gladiatorial contest unfolds. Here, in a mere twenty minutes, fortunes are made and lost. As you watch an instructional video, unseen forces conduct background checks, sifting through your past, ensuring that the wealth doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

· For those without a trust account, the Treasury Direct account emerges as a beacon of hope, a temporary harbor for your newfound wealth. Wealth Managers, the new age financial wizards, stand ready at each Redemption Center. Yet, the choice is yours – stick with the assigned sage or venture out to find your own financial Merlin.

· The ZIM Bond, a chameleon in the world of finance, masquerading as a currency, holds a secret – its redemption money is earmarked for humanitarian needs. The rates offered are not just numbers; they are a reflection of your commitment to the greater good. And for those who dare to dream big, who present a humanitarian project that can change the world, the rewards are boundless.

· Structured payouts, the new norm for ZIM holders, offer a steady stream of wealth, with interest rates that would make traditional banks weep. And for the seniors among us, a choice – to dive into this river of wealth or watch from the shore.

· But this is more than just a financial transaction; it’s a foray into the world of international humanitarian projects. The China-Zimbabwe Humanitarian Project Contracts stand as a testament to this new era of philanthropy, where your investment not only yields financial returns but also sows the seeds of global change.

· Yet, with great power comes great responsibility. The Non-Disclosure Agreement, a binding contract of silence, looms over this entire Operation. Break it, and your fortune vanishes like a mirage in the desert. The NSA watches, omnipresent, a digital guardian ensuring that the secrets of this financial revolution remain just that – secrets.

· This is not just a financial transaction; it’s a rite of passage into a new world order, where the lines between wealth, power, and humanitarianism blur. It’s a game-changer, a paradigm shift orchestrated by the financial elite, a dance of numbers and currencies that could redefine the very essence of wealth and power.


· On Thurs. 22 Feb. the Cabal capitulated, followed by Trump releasing the final phase of The Plan – which was Mass Arrests. Those arrests were hoped to be completed by Fri. 15 March.

· On Sat. 23 Feb. 2024 the World Trade Organization announced that Iraq had completed all requirements to be accepted as a member including having set their new Iraqi Dinar Rate, which the next day on Wed. 28 Feb, the Central Bank of Iraq announced as $3.47. Then the Dinar went live on back screens of the Forex for $2.70 and began fluctuating upward in value.

· By Thurs. 29 Feb. at around 7 pm EST Iraqi PM Al Suddani formally announced that the Dinar was asset-backed and Iraq had officially joined BRICS.

· On Fri. 1 March, with various countries new currency rates having been agreed upon, Iraq officially joined other BRICS nations for the Global Currency Reset – exactly one year (March 2023) after the new Quantum Financial System went live on the Star Link Satellite Network.

· On Thurs. 7 March after Actor Biden’s State of the Nation Address, President Trump hit the Green Light that released the new gold/asset-backed US Treasury Note to the World.

· Fri. 15 March was the deadline to fund the US Government which, according to the Federal Reserve, was already $34 Trillion in debt, rises by $1 trillion every 100 days and owes Social Security recipients another $175 Trillion, while Biden’s budget includes $289 billion to build illegal migrant’s housing out of his $7.3 Trillion in new spending. The system is unsustainable. Banks can no longer give loans on the Fiat US Dollar. Fulford Sources in the Japanese Imperial Family say the 15th is the date for a Financial Black Swan Event.

· On Sun. 17 March, Brazil, Hong Kong and other places across the World were given the Green Light for the Global Currency Reset.

G. THE REAL NEWS FOR MON. 18 MARCH 2024: · Mon. 18 March J6 Committee’s Suppressed Evidence Scandal Exonerates Trump From ‘Insurrection’ Narrative - by Kash Patel

· Mon. 18 March Financial World Updates This Week: 1. Housing Starts data – Tuesday 2. Fed Interest Rate Decision – Wednesday 3. Fed Press Conference – Wednesday 4. Philly Fed Manufacturing Index – Thursday 5. Existing Home Sales data – Thursday 6. Fed Chair Powell Speaks – Friday It's officially Fed week, the week we've all been waiting for.

· Mon. 18 March Ben Fulford: The “Rules Based World Order” faction has surrendered – Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis:

· Mon. 18 March Situation Update: Judy Byington, Unredacted: It’s Time! The Green Light Has Been Given by President Trump! Global Military Alliance Making Mass Arrests! Special Intel Report 3/18/24

· Mon. 18 March Larry Bell: "Whether cognitively confused, criminally compromised, or both, Joe Biden will need more than 'Trump’s even worse' messaging to convince voters that their lives weren’t far better and safer just a few years ago". 

· Mon. 18 March Whistleblower Philip Haney was murdered. He exposed how the Obama administration ordered DHS agents to delete intel on terrorists. He was about to expose further corruption when he was shot to death. Federal agents seized the evidence and ruled it a suicide.

· Angels definitely don’t play this HAARP. It uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate geophysical events such as modifying the Weather, Earthquakes, Climate Change, Hurricanes and the Like. To put it simply, it works by transmitting high amount of radio frequencies into the Ionosphere. It "boils" the upper atmosphere and after heating and disturbing the ionosphere, the Radiation will bounce Back onto Earth in the form of Long Waves which Penetrate our Bodies, the Ground and the Oceans etc.. HAARP and all the rest of the ionosphere heaters located around the globe are Weapons of Mass Destruction, period.

· Mon. 18 March Shadow of Ezra on X: At least four states are warning residents to stock up on food before the 2024 solar eclipse. The four states are Texas, Oklahoma, Indiana and Ohio. Several other states have closed schools and warned of overwhelming traffic. The State of New York is urging residents and visitors to "plan to stay in one place for the day", as traffic was expected to be overwhelming. 

· Sun. 17 March BREAKING NEWS! Royal Insider: Kate Middleton Was Murdered in ‘Illuminati Blood Sacrifice’ – The People’s Voice Video

· Sat. 16 March ALERT ALERT ALERT! BOHEMIAN GROVE – 2023 List of the Secret Camps and Camp Members and Key to Camp Locations – 2023 Midsummer Encampment

· Sun. 17 March BQQM! Trump’s Announcement: The Shocking Secret About Courtroom Flags – It’s A Warning! It’s A Call to Arms!

· Sun. 17 March The Military’s White Hats, Unlocked a Clandestine Database Teeming With the Darkest Secrets: The Bush Senior Funeral – The Mystery Of The Envelopes – Cabal and Deep State Regime – Game Over !

· Mon. 18 March Global Military Operations Expose Satanic Cabals and Underground Tunnels! GESARA’s Activation and the Zionist Collapse! - Gazetteller

· Sat. 16 March Situation Update: Special Report! Judy Byington: Operation STORM 2024: Global US Military Operation – Trump Commander-in-Chief, United States Space Force (USSF), Global Military Alliance – BQQQM. . .

· Sat. 16 March Eisenhower Farewell Address – ‘Military Industrial Complex’ WARNING


· A liter of Adrenochrome sells for $2.2 Billion. That’s why only the rich are addicted. It takes 100 children (the usual victim is a young baby) to produce one liter. They are repeatedly electrocuted, then they take their blood.

· Most people knew Jeffrey Epstein as a business man. Only people that were close to him knew the real him. Jeffrey wasn’t a business man. He was a PEDOPHILE, a CHILD MOLESTER, a HUMAN TRAFFICKER and a very BAD PERSON. The people that knew the REAL HIM were affiliated with PEDOPHILIA, CHILD MOLESTING, HUMAN TRAFFICKING and MORE. Back then none of them were CONVICTED. Jeffrey faked his own DEATH and the public forgot about EVERYTHING. Jeffrey had a LIST which contained the names of the people who visited his ISLAND. All of the people on the list were using his services such as PEDOPHILIA, CHILD MOLESTING, HUMAN TRAFFICKING and MORE. SPOILER: The Clinton Family, The Royal Family, The Obama Family, and many more are on THAT LIST!· Mon. 18 March The Alliance Shutting Down Child Abuse Platforms:

· Epstein wasn’t only a master blackmailer of the most influential & powerful people on the planet for the CIA/Mossad, but he also was a mad eugenicist that wanted to created his own “super human race” with his seed. “Epstein told scientists and businessmen about his ambitions to use his New Mexico ranch as a base where women would be inseminated with his sperm and would give birth to his babies … Mr. Epstein’s goal was to have 20 women at a time impregnated at his 33,000-sq-ft Zorro Ranch in a tiny town outside Santa Fe”, the Times said. “Epstein’s field of study was labeled “transhumanism” but was an updated version of eugenics. Lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who defended Epstein in 2008 and has been named in a civil suit brought by Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre, told the Times he was appalled by the financier’s interest in genetic manipulation, given the Nazis’ use of eugenics in the 1930s”. THESE PEOPLE ARE VERY VERY SICK.

· Sat. 16 March BOMBSHELL: Mel Gibson just released a VIDEO of Bill and Hillary Clinton engaging in C@NNIBALISM with the Haitian C@nnibal Gang Leader named “Barbecue”!

· Sun. 17 March HAITI: From the Film ‘PEDOGATE’ – The Deep State War – Clinton Family Child Trafficking


· Fri. 15 March Medical officer reveals COVID Vaccine related HEART ISSUES skyrocketing in active duty Naval officers. Myocarditis rises 151%. Pulmonary heart disease up 62%. Ischemic heart disease up 69%. Heart Failure increased a whopping 973%


· Cancer Virus Found in COVID Shots: “This Is Looking Very Bad,” Says Dr. Peter McCullough. “SV40 is a known cancer-promoting segment of DNA. And yes, they’re in the shots,” reported McCullough. “What I’m telling you is the shots promote cancer through SV40, and they inhibit our ability to fight cancer by suppressing the tumor suppressor system. So now this is looking very bad. Every system is showing cancer rates are up. So, that’s inarguable. The big question is, how much of this is due to the vaccines”?


· Recent plane problems: They want you afraid to travel, so that you can’t escape what is coming. The whole DEI thing is an OP, to help push UN/WEF Agenda 2030. Nothing more, nothing less.

· Heiko Schöning MD: “I can present you today what the criminals are planning, (…) they want to change who we are”
…by altering our gut biome.

K. MON. 18 MARCH JIM CAVIEZEL: In case you didn’t hear, the MSM are now admitting that Ukraine is a CIA PROXY.

· Meaning Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was NOT unprovoked, and that the US are the expansionists, overthrowing Sovereign Nations for geopolitical gain. The US brought war to Putin’s doorstep. Meaning that every single thing Western media told you about the war in Ukraine, was based on a LIE. All the analysis you heard from pompous MSM talking-heads, was based on the presumption that Putin did this unprovoked, just because he is “literally Hitler”. None of it was TRUE.

· Turns out, Putin’s accusations of Western Intelligence Controlling Ukraine were Correct, therefore his attack is more than justified. Just imagine if Russia funded Nazi militias in Canada, started a civil war, overthrew the government, then installed their own puppet regime, then put Russian intelligence bases and biolabs all over our northern border. Every American would be calling to flatten Canada and Russia. Well that’s exactly what the US did to Russia, and they are pissed.

· Russia tried to join NATO, they were denied. Russia tried to negotiate non-violent means to resolve the conflict, they were denied. Russia tried to present their grievances of US bioweapon production and espionage to the UN, they were denied. Russia tried to go the diplomatic route, and the West just cried “Russian disinformation”, while they were the ones pushing disinformation.

· The West also went out of their way to censor Independent Journalists like me who have been telling you this from day one, because if the public knew this detail the entire time, they wouldn’t have supported sending our tax dollars there.

· This is going to be a tough pill to swallow for many Americans, but Russia are not the bad guys in this scenario. The West are, and it’s not even close. The sooner we all recognize this, the sooner we can clean up the mess.


Monday, March 18, 2024 Breaking News Update: Authorities are warning to prepare now and to stockpile emergency food and practice preparedness in the event of a major disaster during or after the Solar Eclipse on April 8th. Scientist state an earthquake could happen soon after the solar eclipse on April 8th. The New Madrid fault line is directly under the crossing paths of the eclipse and could be triggered for a major earthquake resulting in major damage to Memphis and St Louis. New Madrid fault line is a location of a previous large earthquake in the USA.

Get ready now in case SHTF hits. Watch Patrick Humphrey prepper news for urgent updates. Get stocked up on storable food and water. “Stand firm, and you will win life”. Luke 21:19 

M. A PLEA FOR HELP FROM ELIZABETH ECKHART, Bakersfield California (949.600.0989)

Judy, I am networking as much as possible. I moved into a home mid February and now the owners and other renter after being abusive to me are going contrary to our Man's Lawful Private Agreement, and have had a service processor pound on the door and give a 3 day notice. I am asking you if you will put out a message for anyone able/willing to help me with the following to prevent me from being homeless again as know that I cannot survive without a car on the streets. I need:

1) A place to live even if only temporary while I continue to look for a place to live.2) A place to rent on or near Bakersfield California.

3) A place to store my property asap so do not lose everything as i have before when others have broken their word as the owners are doing now.

4) Help to go over what documents I can do to not be thrown out on the streets.

5) I offer health/rejuvenation consultations to anyone willing to pay for my expertise as need more funds to be able to find a decent place to live, I should have had till April 2 with 30 days notice and with the paid deposit being used as rent I am paid up till March 24th.

6) My daughter is out of the hospital on Tuesday, tomorrow, coming here to live with me as they agreed she may be here 16 days but they underhandedly changed the agreement without telling me when they offered to make copies of the agreement for me to autograph; so sure they are going to make a fuss about that and do not wish to cause my daughter more trauma either.

7) I need people willing to be a channel for God's love,






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