Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 5, 2024

 Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 5, 2024


Judy Note: With the World under (a masked) Martial Law, Mass Arrests of five million members of the Deep State in full swing and having been purged of $980 trillion from Cabal banks, these Satan Worshipping Illuminati were planning a fake assassination of a President Trump Clone.

Don’t fall for it. Trump was safe, and planning his next moves in the triple dimensional Chess Game.

·         “Be Ready Patriots: When they wake up they won’t know what hit them. Genesis 1:3 - And God said, “Let there be Light”: and there was Light. NCSWIC.” …17th Letter on Telegram Mon. 4 March

·         Banking Collapse Imminent. Banks cannot sustain Bank Runs. The 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act allows the banks to confiscate assets, so they are. At Risk: 401Ks (currently there are $27T in retirement accounts) and people with cash positions in banks will have their money taken. The banks have already started this by limiting how much money you can take out, transfer on Zelle, or move in general. Effective March 11, 2024 there will be no more money to loan out.

·         Mon. 4 March Breaking News! The Great Purge: $980 Trillion of the CABAL Money Removed From BANKS!

·         Fri. 1 March Mass Arrests Begin, Charlie Ward: Charlie Ward: SHOCKING News - Mass Arrests of Global Elites Begin!

·         Mon. 4 March Alert! Alert! Alert! Patriots, Beware: The Black Hats Shocking Plot to Stage a Fake Trump Assassination – JFK Assassination Military Coup – NOTHING IS COINCIDENCE!

·         Mon. 4 March Global Thunder: The HAARP Project’s Power to Unleash Energy Rivaling Nuclear Bombs Anywhere on Earth

·         Mon. 4 March BOOM! Judy Byington Bombshell Report: Happening Now Devolution Plan, Martial Law Already in Effect For Continuity of Government, White Hat Military Arrest Wars, JAG, GITMO and World Court Tribunals – Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 4, 2024

A. Global Currency Reset:

·         Mon. 4 March MarkZ:I have a lot of sources expecting it to break loose in the next two days. I would not be surprised to see it before we reach the weekend as of right now. …Anne Vandersteele saod that the banking collapse was imminent – the reset has begun and effective March 26, 2020 the Federal Reserve board reduced requirement ratios on all net transaction accounts to zero percent eliminating reserve requirements for all depository institutions. The term ‘bank financing’ disappears in seven days on March 11th, or midnight on the 10th is when those things cease to exist. On March 11th there will be no more money to loan out and the Fed gets to pick and choose who gets to loan out money and who will collapse.”

·         Sat. 2 March Frank26: “To be clear, yes, the IQD is trading on the private side of Forex, the institutional side, trading in futures. The trading chart has been climbing steadily and closed yesterday at $2.70.This may or may not be a precursor to what we see on the PUBLIC side. We could see more, we could see less. We don’t know, but the point is…before we can go to the bank as investors, the IQD must be trading on the public side of Forex. That’s the number the CBI will post on their website when the IQD becomes tradable. Everywhere. The time for that to happen is now upon us, but they have to show it. By all indications, they’re about to!”

·         Sat. 2 March Wolverine: “Coming on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 4, 5, 6 March we will be having an awesome week. This is no rumor. The Dinar is in the Forex and soon to be tradable. When it does, we will get our Green Light!”

·         25 Countries on Wait List to join BRICS:

B. Timeline:

·         On Thurs. 22 Feb. the Cabal capitulated, followed by Trump releasing the final phase of The Plan – which was Mass Arrests. Those arrests were hoped to be completed by Fri. 15 March.

·         On Sat. 23 Feb. 2024 the World Trade Organization announced that Iraq had completed all requirements to be accepted as a member including having set their new Iraqi Dinar Rate, which the next day Wed. 28 Feb. the Central Bank of Iraq announced as $3.47. Frank26 said the Dinar went live on Forex for $2.70 and should fluctuate.

·         On Thurs. 29 Feb. at around 7 pm EST Iraqi PM Al Suddani formally announced that the Dinar was asset-backed and Iraq had officially joined BRICS.

·         On Fri. 1 March, with the various countries new currency rates having been agreed upon, Iraq officially joined other BRICS nations for the Global Currency Reset – exactly one year (March 2023) after the new Quantum Financial System went live on the Star Link Satellite Network.

·         Around Tues. 5 March through Fri. 15 March 2024, the Ten Days of Darkness/ Exposure appeared slated to occur.

·         Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) notification to set redemption/ exchange appointments could occur at any moment.

·         Tier4b will have 14-15 days to exchange at Redemption Centers at the special rates, after which you would have to exchange at a bank at the lower rates.

·         On Fri. 15 March the new gold/asset-backed US Note could be available to the General Public and will replace the old Federal Reserve fiat US Dollar in ATM machines.

·         It was also likely that on that same Fri. 15 March Restitution and Rebate monies will begin to be paid out and Social Security increases will begin.

C. Restored Republic:

·         98% of our communication is through undersea cables. Not satellites. The rest is from Towers.

·         Mon. 4 March Four Telecom Cables Under Red Sea Cut, affecting 25% of Hong Kong Traffic:

·         Mon. 4 March IB Times: Yemen Houthis threaten to CUT UNDERGROUND FIBEROPTIC CABLE in the Red Sea if the US and UK lunch another attack on Yemeni Airports. The cable is “the lifeblood” of communication pathways connecting Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The disruption would have a major impact on global financial systems.”

D. Global Financial Crisis:

·         Effective March 26, 2020, the Federal Reserve Board reduced reserve requirement ratios on all net transaction accounts to zero percent, eliminating reserve requirements for all depository institutions

·         In the Spring of 2023 the Banking Collapse started with smaller regional banks.

·         In the Spring of 2024 the next wave of Banking Collapse will continue.

·         In Nov 2023 the CEOs of Bank of America, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan told Congress they could not go from 0% reserves to be held to a 3% reserve balance. The current Deposit to Loan Ratios means the banks cannot sustain any type of run on the banks. When the people realize what is happening there will be a run on the banks.

·         Effective March 11, 2024 there will be no more money to loan out and the Fed will pick and choose who gets to loan out money

·         Congress passed the bail in provision with 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act which allows the banks to confiscate assets.  The bail-in relief was legalized in the U.S. following the 2007–2008 financial crisis in which banks deemed “too big to fail” were bailed out by the U.S. government. The specific section of Dodd-Frank that deals with bail-ins is Title II: Orderly Liquidation Authority (OLA).

·         At Risk: 401Ks (currently there are  $27T in retirement accounts) and people with cash positions in banks will have their money taken. The banks have already started this by limiting how much money you can take out, transfer on Zelle or move in general.

·         This will be the demise of the middle class leading to a recession and then depression. People will be left with nothing if they do not diversify their cash into paying off loans, buying gold, silver, crypto or other hard assets.

·         Mon. 4 March Operation STORM 2024 Global Financial Emergency: Black Swan Event, Quantum Financial System (QFS), BRICS Alliance, Starlink Satellite System, Financial Apocalypse. . .

·         The Stock Market manipulation coupled with the massive money printing and inflation has done a better job of masking the incoming collapse.

·         Worldwide markets - Honk Kong, Japan , S&P, Dow - all time highs - why? Blackrock and Vanguard control trillions in assets and they are manipulating those stocks with sustained earnings and rotating out any stocks that can't perform and rotating in AI stocks into S&P 500 and other exchanges.

·         The Stock Markets will hang in there, but the banks and the dollar will collapse.

·         As BRICS comes more online, you are going to see the transfer to asset backed transactions.

·         On Fri. 23 Feb. the Elites dumped their stocks because they knew that the US Treasury would go belly up by the next Fri. 1 March. The Federal Reserve and US Treasury Bond Market had collapsed. The new US Treasury would survive because it was connected to the new gold/ asset-backed Quantum Financial System. The U.S. no longer controlled the price of oil. China did via the Gold Arbitrage. Jacob Rothschild, King Charles and the British Royals were all set to be liquidated, making the Bank of England set to collapse.

·         Mon. 4 March HUGE WIN : We Just Secured A Win On The Case Chal­leng­ing $1.7 Trillion Fed­er­al Fund­ing Bill Passed Uncon­sti­tu­tion­al­ly With Less Than Half of U.S. Con­gress Phys­i­cal­ly Present Congress acted egregiously by passing the largest spending bill in U.S. history with fewer than half the members of the House bothering to do their jobs, show up, and vote in person. Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi abused proxy voting under the pretext of COVID-19 to pass this law, then Biden signed it, knowing they violated the Constitution. This was a stunning violation of the rule of law. I am relieved the Court upheld the Constitution.”

·         The U.S. national debt is rising by $1 trillion about every 100 days:

·         Sun. 3 March Consumer Price Index Job Losses, Housing, Banks, Pray, And We Know:

·         Sun. 3 March: Bitcoin, Binance, Theta, Etherium – all unregulated Cabal created Crypto Currency used for Child Trafficking are going down:

·         Swedes go Bankrupt: The number of bankruptcies in Sweden in February 2024 increased by 62% compared to the previous year, reaching a 30-year high, reports Bloomberg. The largest increase was recorded among hotels and restaurants, followed by consulting firms and construction companies. Experts believe these figures indicate an intensifying economic crisis in the country. The Swedish business sector is "right in the eye of the storm": there has been a continuous annual increase in the number of bankruptcies for 19 months in a row, stated Henrik Jacobsson, Managing Director of Creditsafe.

·         India, Goldilocks: India’s Forex reserves experienced a notable increase, rising by $2.975 billion to reach $619.072 billion for the week ending February 23, as reported by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).There would be absolutely no reason for India to be increasing their revenue like this unless it had something to do with the UPI or Unified Payments Interface. The UPI powers several bank accounts in one application. This can happen with any bank globally that wants to participate in their payment transaction system through trade and more. It is an instant payment service that operates 24/7 and 365 days a year. Their foreign currency, special drawing rights, and gold reserves continue to grow. This enables them to service the needs of foreign currency exchanges in trade from around the world near and far. They can even enable people to do these transactions over a mobile phone application. It's been a while back, but Iraq was one of the countries along with Vietnam and Indonesia that piloted this new International Payment System.

·         Mon. 4 March European Commission has fined Apple $2 billion for unfair competitive practices.

·         Mon. 4 March Breaking News! The Great Purge: $980 Trillion of the CABAL Money Removed From BANKS!

·         “When the Global Financial Collapse happens we will go back to 1950s prices and to 1776 Common Law.” …Charlie Ward

E. Global Food Crisis:

·         Sun. 3 March US Food Supply in Crisis:

·         Sun. 3 March They’re going to starve us. Farmers continue to protest:

·         Sun. 3 March Texas Panhandle Beef Targeted With DEWS:

F. The Pedophile Satanist Illuminati Nazi Zionist Deep State Cabal Khazarian Mafia Global Elite World Depopulation Agenda:

·         “Truly evil people held the key positions in politics, the media, Hollywood and in the corporate world. They have been methodically enslaving and destroying humanity for thousands of years. They performed the most horrific rituals in private. They had farm babies in poor countries are responsible for the eight million children who disappear every year. They were filthy rich from child sex trafficking and Adrenochrome harvesting.”

·         Their goal is to have everyone micro chipped by 2026.

·         Sun. 3 March The Cabal’s Great Reset: The EU parliament officially approved the ‘European Digital Identity Wallet on Sun. 3 March. Although they say it’ll be voluntary - just like they said the digital vaccine passports would be voluntary - this system is the foundation for a Chinese social credit style digital surveillance state.

·         Sun. 3 March Deep State Plan to Terrorize Americans:

·         "If you control the food, you control the people. That's ultimately the end goal." All around the world, unelected globalist bodies like the WEF and UN are waging war against farmers, in an attempt to seize control of the global food supply, under the banner of UN Agenda 2030—as detailed in a must-watch new documentary titled 'No Farmers, No Food: Will You Eat The Bugs?'

·         It’s All About The Money: Presidents net-worth before & after leaving office: Carter $2.3M > $10.7M; Nixon $2M > $15M; Reagan $10.6M > $15.4M; Clinton $1.3M > $241.5M; George H.W. Bush $4M > $23M; George W Bush $20M > $40M; Obama $1.3M > $70M; Donald Trump $3B < $2.3B

·         Sun. 3 March

·         Barack Obama Literally Encouraging Illegal Immigrants To Go Vote In America. “People try to discourage you from voting. If you wanna vote and you show up at your polling place, they can't stop you from voting. They can't stop you from voting. …The fact of the matter is, is that we give our power away all the time. You know, we tell ourselves, oh, it's hard. It's it's not gonna matter. It's not gonna count. And the powers that be, they're counting on us giving our power away. Many of the millennials, dreamers, undocumented, uh, citizens, and I call them citizens because they contribute to this country, are fearful of voting. So if I vote, will immigration know where I live? Will they come from my family and deport us? Not true.”

·         Wells Fargo Executive Drained $1,279,840 from elderly and disabled bank accounts:

·         Electric vehicles and the narrative behind it. Fun fact about all the electric vehicle push: the Rockefeller family owns all the patents for every electric vehicle. The same family who owns all the oil companies. In order to break the cycle research hydrogen cars, cars that ran on water in 1976, steam engines, and dynamos.

·         Geologist, Prof. Ian Plimer, blows the "climate crisis" narrative completely out of the water, in under a minute: "We've had six ice ages in the history of the planet. Every one of these started when we had more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than now... If carbon dioxide drives global warming, then we wouldn't have had an ice age. The past tells us how the present is operating. And if you want to argue that traces of a trace gas drive a major planetary system, you can only do this when you totally ignore the past."

G. Wars and Rumors of Wars:

·         Sun. 3 March Two NATO F-16s and One F-35 Enter Ukraine Air Space:

·         Mon. 4 March: US and South Korea launch Operation Freedom Shield, a Joint-Exercise that started today and will last for 11 Days until March 14th, involving at least 48 Field Training Drills which include Tactical/Strategic Bombing, Live-Firing of Armor, Artillery, and Small Arms as well as the Interception of Cruise and Ballistic Missiles!

H. The Real News for Mon. 4 March 2024:

·         MAGA Winnings on Mon. 4 March:

SCOTUS ruled that Trump stays on the Presidential Ballot!

Texas Federal Court ruled TX Law Enforcement can arrest and jail illegal immigrants crossing the border!

Gold up over $2,117 (mid day)

Tricky Nikki cancelling all advertisements for 2024 Election!

Pakistan joined BRICS

LGBTQ is officially banned in Russia and labeled as an 'extremist movement' punishable by up to 12 years in prison.

·         Mon. 4 March The Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that states cannot unilaterally disqualify Donald Trump from appearing on the ballot. Congress, not the States, is "responsible for enforcing Section 3 against federal officeholders and candidates." All eyes on Clarence Thomas for a reason. Democrats in major panic.

·         Immigration Crisis could bankrupt cities like New York:

·         Mon. 4 March US Migrant Population to Reach 8 Million:

·         On Mon. 4 March Argentina’s government suspended the Telam state news agency in the wake of an announcement by President Javier Milei that he would shut down what he called a mouthpiece of “propaganda” for previous leftist governments.

·         Mon. 4 March CIA Spy: Leave the US Before 2030:

·         Mon. 4 March Supreme Court rules Donald Trump will remain on the 2024 ballot.

·         Mon. 4 March Situation Update: BOOM! Judy Byington Bombshell Report: Happening Now Devolution Plan, Martial Law Already in Effect For Continuity of Government, White Hat Military Arrest Wars, JAG, GITMO and World Court Tribunals – Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 4, 2024

·         Sun. 3 March Situation Update: Judy Byington, Unredacted: Black Swan Events, Massive Cyber Attack Pending, White Hat Military Arrest Wars Begin, Blackout, EBS Activation, Special Intel Report 3/4/24

·         Mon. 4 March White Hat Vigilantes Strike Again!

·         Sun. 3 March Situation Update WTPN PATRIOT ALL STAR HIGHLIGHTS 3/3/24

·         Mon. 4 March White Hat Vigilantes Strike Again!

·         Sun. 3 March Marines Fight FEMA Near Texas Panhandle Inferno

·         The term 'conspiracy theory' became a negative phrase in the 1960s after the CIA infiltrated many media outlets in an operation called Mockingbird. The CIA didn't want anybody questioning the official story of JFK's assassination. The purpose of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird is to spread disinformation through the American media. The program is still active today. CIA Director William Colby testified to the Church Committee that 400 CIA agents were actively spreading disinformation to American TV, radio, newspapers and magazines.

·         The reason that Flynn had been fired was because he was speaking the truth about Obama! Obama was secretly sponsoring terroristic groups! They planned to take Trump and Flynn down! Top secrets exposed by national security intelligence expert.

·         Sun. 3 March History of Kamala Harris: The History of Kamala Harris | Opinion - Conservative

·         Sun. 3 March Trump Considered It An Act of War:

·         Sun. 3 March Intel New ShariRaye: March Madness Intel Is Here!

I.International Child Sex Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring Run Out of the Vatican and housed in China’s Three Gorges Dam in the 1500 mile tunnel that runs between the Vatican and Jerusalem:

·         Mon. 4 March Bombshell! Mel Gibson Has Just Released His Uncensored Documentary Called “Pedowood” (Operation Underground Railroad) VIDEO

·         21 Feb. 2023 speech to the nation by Vladimir Putin: He ordered the blocking of all websites that promote pedophilia, LGBTI propaganda and sex changes in Russia. …Russia must protect its children against degradation and degeneration. …Pedophilia in the West is becoming the norm; priests approve of same-sex marriage. …When speaking of same-sex marriage, Putin suggests turning to the scriptures of world religions. The Church of England is considering a version of a “gender-neutral” God; they don’t know what they’re doing. The family union is between a man and a woman.”

·         Thurs. 7 April 2022 Biden/Obama Tied to Child Sex Trafficking; Children, Bodies Rescued from US Bio-weapon Labs Under Biden Ukraine Property

·         Sun. 28 June 2020 Clinton-Rothschild Child Sex Trafficking Camp Refused Investigation, Destroyed

·         Wed. 6 May 2020 Thousands of Tortured Children Rescued and Found Dead by US Military

·         Tues. 21 April 2020 Over 50,000 Traumatized Children Rescued by Military Out of Tunnels Beneath US Cities

J. Covid/ Ebola/ Swine Flu/ Polio/ Small Pox/ BSE/ Zika/ Sars/ Monkey Pox/ AIDs/ Vax/ H1N1/ Graphene Oxide/ Chem trails/ Fluoride, Processed Foods, Human Clones Hoaxes:

·         Mon. 4 March Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, “The Jab does not kill most immediately (although in some it has!) It can take weeks, months or years. There is a ticking time bomb inside you after the jab... even the health insurance providers understand will NOT be covered for ‘signing’ your consent to an ‘experimental jab’!”

·         COVID spelled backwards is DIVOC, a Hebrew word that means, "Possession by an Evil Spirit."

·         Eustace Mullins already knew it: "Vaccination is really a time bomb.” He quoted a book a doctor has written in the year 1936: ‘I have never seen an unvaccinated person with cancer.’ Other doctors said the same thing, that vaccines attack the immune system 5 years, 10 or 40 years later.”

·         Mon. 4 March 100 Million Animals Have Been Injected With mRNA Technology, and Hardly Anyone Knows About it. Dr. Bryan Ardis: "They're already injecting mRNA technology into vegetables. In China, they're already mRNA injecting cattle — for our beef supply."

·         “Sunglasses are cellular suicide. On a sunny day, specific wavelengths of light from the sun filter into the eyes. This feeds the pineal and pituitary glands, and lets the brain know it's sunny out. The skin then prepares for direct sunlight and gets ready to make vitamin D. Wearing sunglasses starves the pineal gland and tricks the brain into thinking it's cloudy out, which stops the skin from preparing for sun exposure. They also rob you of energy by blocking the uptake of the ultra violet rays. This is one of the main reasons people get skin cancer. Not because of the sun, but because of sunglasses. We do not fully understand the operation of the pineal gland, but from what we do know, you do not want to mess with it…”

K. Mon. 4 March David Wilcock:

·         Alexie Navalny, the alleged CIA/MI6 asset purportedly groomed for the Russian presidency, stands as a testament to failed machinations. However, the reality is far more intricate.

·         In the early 2000s, Navalny found himself in contact with informants from the CIA and MI6 within Russia, amid operations aiming to foment a 'color revolution' against Putin, utilizing college students as pawns. This effort unfolded within a backdrop where certain figures within the US intelligence apparatus, including Admiral Rodgers and other high-ranking officials, were cognizant of the internal dynamics of the 9/11 attacks, viewing them as orchestrated events to instigate the Patriot Act and clandestine surveillance programs. Concurrently, there was recognition of an alliance brewing between 'white hats' within Russia, China, and the EU, which posed a threat to established deep state interests.

·         The CIA, in its bid to undermine Putin's authority, sought to elevate Navalny, identifying him as a suitable candidate for future leadership. Navalny underwent vetting processes, eventually finding himself groomed in clandestine training programs at Yale University. Subsequently, efforts were made to position him as a prominent figure against Putin's regime, leveraging President Dmitry Medvedev's cooperation to amplify Navalny's presence within Russian media circles. Despite these orchestrated attempts, the coup endeavor faltered, with Putin reasserting control in 2012.

·         Navalny's subsequent legal entanglements, including accusations of embezzlement and collaboration with CIA-affiliated figures, provided Putin with an opportunity to curtail potential dissent within his ranks, delaying any further destabilizing actions. Following a period of imprisonment, Navalny's relocation to Germany was accompanied by dubious claims of poisoning, perpetuated by CIA-linked media outlets. This narrative, however, obscured the underlying truth.

·         In a coordinated effort, the CIA swiftly produced documentaries lionizing Navalny, a feat that suggests deeper involvement than mere documentary filmmaking. These productions, disseminated through CIA-operated channels, aimed to bolster Navalny's image and set the stage for his return to Russia, where subsequent arrests were anticipated.

·         Thus, beneath the surface of Navalny's narrative lies a complex web of geopolitical intrigue, with intelligence agencies vying for influence and power in the heart of Russia's political landscape.

L. The Fall of the Royals in the past two months:

• King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer. • Kate Middleton has had abdominal surgery and not been seen since December. • Sarah, Duchess of York was diagnosed with skin cancer. • Prince Edward is ‘stepping back’ from Royal Duties.

• Thomas Kingston, who married into the British Royal Family, died suddenly. • Jacob Rothschild died. • King of Norway rushed to hospital with infection. • Pope Francis rushed to hospital.

• Queen of Denmark announced shock abdication. • Two Black Horses were spotted with a ‘captured’ White Horse and Black Flag outside Buckingham Palace.

M. The Illegal IRS and Federal Reserve Use of US Taxpayer Monies:

·         On April 8 1895 the U.S. Supreme Court decided Pollock v. Farmers Loan Trust Co., struck down the federal income tax of 1894.   Today in History: Income Tax Ruled Unconstitutional in Pollock v. Farmers Loan Trust Co.

·         On 2 July 1909 Congress passed the 16th Amendment to the Constitution re-establishing their so-called right to impose a Federal income tax. The amendment was ratified 3 Feb. 1913, but was signed into law despite serious defects, including ignoring the 1895 Supreme Court ruling.

·         In reality only two states ratified the 16th amendment, yet ratification required 36 states to be valid. The effect of this was that every tax paid into the Treasury since 1913, was due and refundable to every citizen and business.

·         The IRS has refused to publish or advertise this finding as they felt a refund to US Taxpayers would cause a serious drain on the resources of the Treasury.

·         The Independent Treasury Act of 1920 suspended the de jure (meaning "by right of legal establishment") Treasury Department of the United States government. Our Congress turned the treasury department over to a private corporation, which when seen in its true light, is a fascist monopolistie cartel, the Federal Reserve and their agents. The bulk of the ownership of the Federal Reserve System, a very well kept secret from the American Citizen, is held by these banking interests, and NONE is held by the United States Treasury: Rothschild Bank of London, Rothschild Bank of Berlin, Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Warburg Bank of Amsterdam, Lazard Brothers of Paris, Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy, Chase Manhattan Bank of New York, Goldman, Sachs of New York, Lehman Brothers of New York and the Kuhn Locb Bank of New York. The Federal Reserve is at the root of most of our present statutory regulations, "laws", in the control and regulation of virtually all aspects of human activity in the United States, through successively socialistic constructions laid upon the Commerce clause of the Constitution. Basically, the Federal Reserve is the "STATE" of the United States. Thomas Jefferson once said: "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies." The Gold Standard is how we undo all of this corruption.

·         It’s no wonder the Federal Reserve, IRS or US Treasury does not want to refund or quit collecting Taxpayer dollars. Since 1913 the IRS and Federal Reserve have been the sole entities to benefit from the 16th Amendment even though they were not US government agencies. They were privately owned by the Deep State Cabal and Rothschild Bankers. There was no act of Congress, nor any Executive Order giving the IRS jurisdiction to act in any of the 50 states.

·         Actually US Tax Payers don’t even fund the US government. It is funded by US Treasury Bonds with paper fiat dollars.

·         Collected US Tax Payer monies were paid to the Cabal’s IRS, then sent to Washington DC, then given to the Crown of England in London, and then were deposited in the Vatican Bank, where it went out to Rothschild owned Central Banks across the Globe. When everyone was finished making monies off those US Taxpayers, the monies were returned to a New York Bank that then charged the US Taxpayer interest to use their own monies to pay government debt – thus running up the national debt.

·         Since 1980 US Taxpayer monies from the CIA Black Budget have been laundered through shadow banks, like in Panama. To create this Narco money the US Treasury manipulates foreign currency exchange rates. Having a high oil price allowed the U.S. Treasury to float off-shore dollar reserves (in the $100’s of Trillions) and Narco money through NGO’s which funded the stock market. A return of the Global Financial System to the gold standard would change all that.

·         IRS official Alex Mena who works in “Criminal Investigations” revealed that the IRS has no problem going after the small people, putting people in prison, and destroying people’s lives.’ Mena ‘doubts the constitutionality’ of his employer, the IRS, using AI to access everybody’s bank accounts nationwide. Mena recalls IRS agents stating “…the first person you shoot you’re gonna remember, but after that you’re gonna shoot like a hundred people, you’re not gonna remember any of them. He says IRS agents “are assholes...they are the definition of an asshole, all of them.”

·         There were reports that because of activation of the Quantum Financial System on 1 March 2024, the Federal Reserve and IRS would be shut down in that March 2024.

·         That illegal US Tax Monies collection by private Cabal bankers of the IRS and Federal Reserve would be replaced by a 14% sales tax on new items only, with no tax on food or medicine – taxes that would be shared with both the federal and state governments.






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