Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of April 13, 2024

 Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of April 13, 2024

Judy Note: Welcome To Disclosure:

·        Trump is the USA Commander In Chief

·        The Biden Administration is Fake, Biden, Macron were dead & played by actors.

·        Biden, Obama, Clintons, Kerry, Soros, Schwab, Gates, Pope Francis, Macron have been executed by the Global Military Alliance for Crimes Against Humanity.

·        Fri. 12 April: In a secretive military operation code-named “STORM,” the United States Military has purportedly executed a covert strike against what some have described as the Satanic British Nazi Crown. BOOM! DECLASSIFIED: U.S. Mil. Op. STORM Deleted the Satanic British NAZI Crown – Springtime ‘24-Multiple Beyond Biblical Semper Supra – Pascal Najadi Epic Video

·        Julian Assange is part of US Special Intelligence Operations and has never been in Prison.

·        PizzaGate is the Pedophile Scandal of American Elites: Clinton, Obama’s List of who is involved is endless.

·        Was it a fake so-called “Solar Eclipse” that appeared to give way for the Deep State Cabal to trigger an Antarctica Ice Sheet breakoff, causing a 2,000 Meter Tsunami that was now rushing toward Africa, and due to hit the East Coast by Wed. 17 April?

·        The USA has joined BRICS = Deep State Cabal’s US Inc. Federal Reserve Dollar Dead

·        New BRICS Quantum Financial System Ends Debt Slavery Worldwide

·        Zimbabwe Gold-Backs BRICS New Development Bank

·        Thurs. 11 April: BOOM! Exposing the Cosmos’ Deepest Secrets: Starlink, QFS, Project Odin, and MOSSAD Satellites

·        Fri. 12 April: Judy Byington Bombshell Report! Warning: Deep State Fiat US Dollar & Central Banking System Officially Dead. Prepare For Blackout & Shutdown Banking Collapse. “Let’s Go Hunting”. . .

A.Fri. 12 April 2024 Wolverine: The Patriot Fest PPN guys were actually at Mara-Lago yesterday Thurs. 11 April. Charlie Ward was there and many others. They met President Trump.

·        I cannot tell you what was told to me regarding their visit, but we are actually about to cross the finish line. I had tears in my eyes when I heard what I was told.

·        I couldn’t be at the PPN – the Patriot Fest. I will see if I can send out a video call and appear that way. I cannot be there. It was too expensive for me. I thought I would be able to go this week, thinking I would be blessed this week, but it did not work out that way. I would have loved to have been there with the PPN guys!

·        Now, for the big news: we are hearing things are rolling - things have started. I have spoken to high contacts, and they have received their Green Light to go on Mon. 15 April to get their blessing.

·        Things are rolling in Reno.

·        With God’s Grace this week, I hope to release the opera. Things are lining up for 15th of April.

·        We are finally closing in now to meet this new world promised us by God. I want you all to always remember where you were, what day it was, what time it was when we got the Green Light, which will BE THE opera.

·        A video made by a member for The Chosen Ones will be played first; then the Trumpets of Freedom representing the trumpets blown by the Jews, when they were liberated from slavery – when Joshua blew the horn, and then at the end of these – will be THE OPERA. This will be sent out to millions of people.

·        Please get ready. Thank you for all the support. It has not been easy for me. Maybe… I was called by God to do this for all of you. I did not ask for this, it just happened. I am grateful to God for leading me to all of you – to lead you to Freedom. 


·        On Thurs. 11 April President Trump was said to have signed the order for a Emergency Broadcast System Alert. He held a Patriot Fest at Mar-a-Largo with all the big Patriots in the Movement.

·        On Sun. 14 April NESARA/GESARA Will Be Officially Throughout The World. …President Trump on Telegram Fri. 12 April 2024

·        Mon. 15 April: Some New York Banks, MarkZ and Wolverine believe Tier4b will be liquid by Mon. 15 April, while TNT Tony said their contacts reported that this was the final weekend.

·        Mon. 15 April to Sat. 20 April were the IMF-World Bank Meetings in Washington DC.

·        On Wed. 17 April JFK Jr. and Princess Di were scheduled to come out of hiding.

·        Banks have been told that the General Public announcement of the Global Currency Reset will be on Sun, Mon, 21st or Tues. 22nd April.

·        Zimbabwe has announced their gold-backed currency and their bonds must be redeemed by Tues. 30 April 2024.

C. Global Currency Reset:

·        Judy Note: It all began when President Trump refused to renew Executive Order 13303 that prevented Iraq from revaluing it’s currency – an order that had been signed by every US President since 2003. The Iraqi Dinar revalued in-country on Sat. 30 March.

·        On Fri. 5 April the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) injected gold-backed digital tokens (GBDT) known as Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG). Banks now have the new Forex rates…Wolverine On Fri. 5 April Zimbabwe announced it is replacing it’s collapsing local currency with a new one backed by gold: 

·        Thurs. 11 April Bruce, The Big Call : “Yesterday (Wed. 10 April) a Source indicated that the window to receive notification for Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) was between now and Mon. 15 April. A Bond Paymaster said that the Military would give the Green Light to the USA Treasury to release the email notification from Wells Fargo. I think we can expect release overnight Sun. 14 April to Mon. morning 15 April.

·        Thurs. 11 April Wolverine: “Get ready, it’s going down. The Military is in charge of the release of our emails and will give green light to the new USA Treasury for release. Sunday night into Monday the 15th for Notifications is what a few people believe. Bruce believes it will be on Monday, the 15th. It’s active, guys. MarkZ said the 15th. I think this week will be a good week for the bonds, but for the currency, I am looking at the 15th of April.”

·        Fri. 12 April TNT Tony: “We are here and ready to go. The good news is that every single contact today said, “This is it. This is the final weekend.” All three letter agencies saying it is done. We will see it over this weekend. The weekend starting at four pm EDT today. Banks are ready. They have been notified. There is nothing in the news in Iraq about the rate today. Don’t do anything till Tues. They want to extend EID through Tues. Asked the government to extend on all social media. No bad news, guys. Everybody in Washington said it’s done (Not going to be done, but it’s done). Should be an announcement over the weekend. The only thing I can see that would stop it depends on what Iran does and when they do it. …I’m feeling good about this with everyone saying we are done. The last meeting has occurred. Should see whole thing over the weekend. They did give me a date. Don’t want you holding your breath. Watch for text and email.”

·        Fri. 12 April MarkZ: “I think it more likely to happen toward the tail end of the 22nd to see our new rate. But Iraqi contacts think Sudani is going to announce it in Iraq before he heads to the US on the 15th…. I hope they are right and I am wrong.”

·        Fri. 12 April Texas Snake: “While I am not at liberty to discuss actual particulars, I do wish to relay that very positive events are occurring to our ultimate benefit, with this weekend being of particular importance. Word from Europe, yet unconfirmed, was that major groups were exchanging in the US starting today Fri. 12 April. I received a heads up from Hong Kong, London and my banker…Things are looking very positive at this point in time. Those holding ZIM will have a 10 day window to redeem.”

·        Fri. 12 April Bank of Baghdad Joins KRGS Financial Initiative:

·        Thurs. 11 April: Breaking Chains: Charlie Ward Unveils Quantum Financial System (QFS) to End Debt Slavery and Empower Global Finance , The new Quantum Financial System (QFS) knows no boundaries, extending its reach to all corners of the globe. In March 2017, data on account holders from 209 participating countries was seamlessly integrated into the system, creating a truly global network of financial interconnectedness. 

·        Thurs. 11 April: Breaking: USA Joins BRICS, Dollar’s Demise Declared – Trump’s Earthshaking Move Shakes Global Finance! While the USA Corporation Federal Reserve relies on a system of fiat currency, backed by little more than the faith and credit of the government, the USA Republic Treasury boasts substantial reserves of gold. 

·        Fri. 12 April: Trump’s BRICS Bombshell: USA Joins BRICS, Ushering in a New Era of Global Finance with Thunderous Impact and Historic Significance – Trump’s Vision for America: Trust the Plan!

·        Thurs. 11 April: The Gold Rush: The Zimbabwe’s Decisive Step Towards Economic Resurgence With Gold-backed Currency and Alliance with BRICS New Development Bank

D. Global Financial Crisis:

·        Unprecedented: Gold and Dollar Rip Higher Simultaneously as Japan and China Currencies Hang in the Balance. The Global Fiat System is Undoing Itself as the Japanese Yen and Chinese Yuan Hold a Delicate Financial Dance.

E. Ginger: The QFS Operates completely independently from the existing “centralized” banking and ends the “Central Banking System” that perpetuates “Debt Slavery” around the world.

• Even though it is the ultimate in design, reliability, security and safety, the roll-out process will occur over time.

• QFS operates on a Distributed Ledger Technology. It is NOT crypto currency or Blockchain technology.

• Quantum Qubits “interact” with every financial transaction anywhere in the world of finance to ensure that each transaction is legal, owner-intended and transparent.

• Since Central Banks do not have the ability to “reconcile” old FIAT (paper) money into the new QFS system, all fractional reserve banking and central banking activities will cease.

• Every sovereign currency and every bank represents a separate Ledger in QFS.

• Data on all account holders, at all banks, in all 209 participating countries was downloaded into QFS in March 2017 and serves as a “Distributed Ledger”.

• QFS is designed for and ready to convert ALL bank accounts denominated in any Fiat currency anywhere in the world into a local asset-backed currency.

• QFS pings the originating Fiat currency bank account to ensure it is still valid, active, and operational at the time the exchange of fiat currency for asset-backed currency takes effect.

• After the successful ping of a local bank account, the fiat currency holdings are converted into the new local asset-backed currency on a 1:1 basis.

F. Restored Republic:

·        Fri. 12 April: BREAKING NEWS ALERT. . . GET YOUR POPCORN!

·        Fri. 12 April: BOMBSHELL: Obama Kill List! GITMO: Where They Go One, They Go All To Tribunal – Arrest and Criminal Prosecution of Barack Obama For War Crimes – Obama The Only Guy With a Nobel Peace Prize And a “Kill List” .

G. Disclosures (began Oct. 2023): Breaking News Alert! Many of the High Profile Traitors, NAZI Politicians and COVID Tyrants Have Been Executed Out of Your Sight


·        The real Joe Biden, Obama, Hillary & Bill Clinton, John Kerry, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Tedros, Pope Francis, Guterrez and many others have already been executed for Treason 18 USC 2381 and Serious Crimes against Humanity (Covid PsyOp & BioWeapon Injections Democide) EO 13818.

·        The current Wartime President & CIC of the United States always was, and is Donald J. Trump.

·        The entire Biden Administration is on purpose faked, a Central Casting Stratagem.

·        That the United States declared by Wartime President Donald J. Trump a US led Global Defense War 50 USC 1550, current and ongoing, since December 20th 2019

·        The current and former Swiss Governments and all other rogue NAZI elements and Supras to the US DoD during wartime for crimes against Humanity, Corruption and Treason vs the United States during wartime (Swiss born Covid PSyOp) 18 USC 2381 on January 27th 2024 by myself without lawyers, also to the JAG Corps Officers of the USAF and USSF.

·        John F. Kennedy Jr. is Alive and Kicking

·        Julian Assange never was in Prison and is in fact part of US Military Intelligence and Special Operations.

·        There was no real Solar Eclipse, yet the media reported one and folks posted real eclipse shadows over major US Cities on April 8th 2024, but the Sun and Moon were actually in Pisces and in parallel moving, hence they did not Eclipse on April 8th 2024.

·        UN Palais des Nations Geneva Offices shut down late 2023, offices inop, cleared, gone.

·        President Macron already executed, played by a Central Casting colleague of Sleepy Joe who is played by Arthur Roberts and others.

·        Tedros gone, Schwab gone…..and many many more, gone, like the entire Satanic British Crown, deleted.


H. Wars and Rumors of Wars:

·        The US has put all its military facilities in the Middle East on red alert. United States announces deployment of reinforcements to the Middle East.

·        Israeli Ministry of Health and IDF Home Front Command Prepare Hospitals for Possible Iranian Hostilities. The Israeli Ministry of Health and IDF Home Front Command have alerted hospitals and clinics nationwide, instructing them to have emergency teams and departments on standby for potential hostilities by Iran this weekend. Stay alert for updates.

·        Germany says all its citizens need to leave Iran immediately.

·        The Netherlands asks its citizens to leave Israel as soon as possible.

·        Fri. 12 April Israel Demise:

·        Officials Ready for Attack on US Soil:

·        Fri. 12 April World War III:

·        I. Thurs. 11 April So-Called “Solar Eclipse” Triggers Antarctica Anomaly 2,000 Meter Tsunami: The world watches in astonishment as a mysterious entity emerges from the depths of Antarctica, making a dramatic journey across the Atlantic Ocean. Radar images capture the anomaly’s movement, leaving experts baffled and sparking intense speculation about its origins and implications. But that’s not all – as if straight out of a sci-fi thriller, a tsunami buoy registers a staggering plunge of over 2000 METERS.

·        Something Happening in Antarctica: "Something is Definitely Happening in Antarctica.." | Joe Rogan 2024 | BREAKING NEWS! Something Massive Left ANTARCTICA During The Solar Eclipse! Caught on RADAR! Unprecedented Anomaly Emerges from Antarctica During Solar Eclipse!

·        Fri. 12 April: ALERT: Directed Energy Weapons, Antarctica, and the Ocean Anomalies Along South America’s Coast

·        Did CERN Produce Mass Entity at Antarctica?:

J. The Real News for Fri. 12 April:

·        Fri. 12 April Be Prepared, Tucker Carlson:

·        Fri. 12 April Georgia’s election board now admits to violations of election law in 2020. In writing. It’s over for the election fraud deniers.

·        Fri. 12 April Exposing the Medical Cartel & Dems Dark Money, Dr. Bryan Ardis:

·        Biden is Corrupt: Bank records, e-mails, texts, photos, visitor logs, phone calls, and sworn witness testimony shows Biden was fully involved in Hunter's corrupt foreign business deals. Democrats and their media allies have covered it up.

·        “The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is mind control” …Edward Snowden on Telegram Fri. 12 April

·        Judy Byington ALERT: Phase 1 Complete. Turn Notifications On. Prepare For Phase 2. Be Prepared For Anything …17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram Wed. . .

·        Fri. 12 April Graphene Oxide (from the Vax) is causing us to become human cell towers.

·        Fri. 12 April Philadelphia Penn: A mysterious blue object emitting a luminous glow has been spotted in the skies above Philadelphia.

·        Jan. 6 Whistleblowers: DC National Guard whistleblowers say they were ready to be deployed on January 6 on President Trump's orders but were held back by the Pentagon.

K. International Child Sex Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring Run Out of the Vatican and housed in China’s Three Gorges Dam in the 1500 mile tunnel that runs between the Vatican and Jerusalem:

·        Fri. 12 April: BOOM! FBI Sources: Hillary Clinton Named ‘Person of Interest’ in Child Sex Trafficking Investigation – PizzaGate The Pedophile Scandal of The American Elites: Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, John and Tony Podesta…The List Would Be Endless

·        Fri. 12 April: Breaking the Silence: Revealing the Shocking Documentary Unveiling the Deep-rooted Pedophilia Epidemic: Exposing the Compromised Reality of Powerful Politicians Caught in the Web of Pedo Blackmail

·        Fri. 12 April: Two Nigerian hackers in 'sextortion' ring that caused Michigan high school football star to kill himself after they conned him into sending nude pictures plead guilty.

·        Fri. 12 April: Ex-Diddy Producer Says This Scandal ‘Could Be WORSE Than Jeffrey Epstein. Jesse Watters says, “Every room in Diddy’s mansions were wired with cameras ... And this was used for blackmail material,” citing the lawsuit filed by Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones. They’d bring in these people. A lot of these people were also aspiring young artists in the music industry. And then, these parties were sponsored by Motown Records CEO, Universal Records CEO. This goes all the way to the top. And so, you get these people in compromising situations. The drinks were laced, their videotapes were hot. And then, at the end of the day, you wake up the next morning, ‘What did I do?’ And then they have compromising material on you. And then they can guide your career. They could kill your career, but they got you. And it wasn’t just people in the music business, as you said. There were athletes, there were celebrities, there were politicians, people from the royal family.

L. Illuminati Globalist Deep State Cabal Agenda 2030:

·        Edward Snowden Correct Me If I Am Wrong... John D. Rockefeller Helped Found The Pharmaceutical Industry, Hijacked The Educational System, Co-Founded The Federal Reserve With J.P Morgan And The Rothschilds, Funded The United Nations, And Helped Found The Council On Foreign Relations. The Cynical Ungodly Pale-Skinned Gene Manipulating Erasist Was One Of The Biggest Enemies Of The American People, And Humanity. What Rockefeller Sowed, Is Part Of What We Are Fighting Today.

·        Alipay, China's largest digital payment platform, has an inbuilt individual carbon footprint tracker, which monitors users' behavior and purchases in order to "shift people's daily behavior towards a low-carbon lifestyle". Users receive ''green energy points'' for "integrating a range of low-carbon activities into daily life", "such as by biking to work, going paperless and buying sustainable products. An initiative of United Nations Climate Change Global Climate Action. Supported by the Rockefeller Foundation." Make no mistake: The unelected globalists at the United Nations, Rockefeller Foundation and elsewhere, have every intention of rolling out individual carbon footprint trackers in the West. Coming to a 15 minute city near you soon!

M. Military is the only way:

·        Since Donald Trump became US President more than seven million children and women have been rescued by the US Military from Sex Trafficking and slavery.

·        All the biggest players of the Illuminati Cabal have been arrested and prosecuted, most of them executed for their heinous Crimes Against Humanity

·        Many Celebrities, businessmen and politicians have blood sacrificed either their own children or close family members for the Cabal.

·        Some Cabal players have been left on purpose to be arrested and tried publicly when the evidence of their evil is exposed.

N. Kate Middleton a Illuminati Sacrifice, Replaced by Clone?

·         Thurs. 11 April: BREAKING NEWS: BBC’s Stony Silence on Deepfake Dilemma Surrounding ‘Kate Middleton’ Video Raises Eyebrows

·         BREAKING NEWS! Royal Insider: Kate Middleton Was Murdered in ‘Illuminati Blood Sacrifice’ – The People’s Voice Video

·         NEWS ALERT: Rumors are Circulating that Kate Middleton has Been Replaced by a Clone or Body Double After she Was Just Spotted in Public with Prince William – Kate Middleton Body Double Video EXPOSED

·         ALERT ALERT ALERT! The World of Clones: Doubles, Clones, Actors, Royal Family Clones, Politicians, Transvestites Hiding in Plain Sight, Holographic or CGI – Clones Filmed in Same Library Room at GITMO – Body Doubles, Clones or Masks… You Decide!





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