Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 16, 2024

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 16, 2024


Judy Note: Things were getting very confusing with this movie that the White Hats were playing out. The Deep State remained pushing their 16 year plan to destroy America and depopulate the World by presenting the public another untested dangerous vaccine, with Europe stockpiling 40 million Bird Flu Vaccines. Millions have died from their last Plandemic. When was the truth going to come out?

For many, many years through their HAARP machine in Alaska, the fake US Inc. government has been messing with jet streams, cutting off countries from rain, blocking the Sun and causing hurricanes, one of which was Katrina. Chem Trails were still floating over the skies. Things were so bad in Oregon that paint was chipping off of cars. When is it going to stop?

Certainly not in Idaho where 500,000 acres of farmland contained dying potato crops because the US Department of Water Resources cut off their water – in order to give it to a $150 million Jervois facility funded by the Department of Justice.

Meanwhile the Deep State and Dems continued to send our hard earned tax dollars to Ukraine that was known to be the center of the Cabal, Soros and Nazi activities of illegal US bio-weapon labs in underground tunnels used for Organ Harvesting, Gun Running and Child Sex Trafficking – which ran under a 200 acre property owned by Biden.

Way back in 2020 Biden, Pelosi and Obama were said charged with Treason, Collusion with the CCP on 2020 Voter Fraud and a Pedophile Ring Run out of the White House. Long ago Julian Assange claimed, “We have hard proof that President Obama ran a pedophile ring out of the White House.”

Yet two years prior in 2018 Hillary Clinton was reported executed at GITMO for Crimes Against Humanity. Now Joe Biden’s Obituary has been found on saying he also died at GITMO in 2018. So, what’s going on?

Worst of all, the remains of humans, mainly children, who have been raped, tortured & murdered have been found in McDonald’s burgers and other fast food chains foods, yet the Cabal franchises continued to exist without the Mainstream Media informing the public they were being fed the meat of children.

Disgusting, isn’t it? It’s Time for Judgment Day.

·        The Eye Of The Storm Has Arrived, But It’s No Match For The Armor of God. Hold The Line. …17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram Sat. 15 June 2024

·        Sat. 15 June 2024: FISA = Start: The Deep State and the Military’s Counterstrike! Military Intelligence Intercepted The Deep State 16 Year Plan to Destroy America …

·        Dec. 31 2018 Hillary Clinton was reported executed at GITMO for Crimes Against Humanity. In Joe Biden’s Obituary found on it says he also died at GITMO in 2018. Real Raw News claims it was for Crimes Against Humanity. BQQQM!!! Shocking Video Claims Joe Biden’s Obituary Found on, Declares Death in 2018 at Guantánamo Bay: The Deep State Conspiracy Unveiled

·        Sat. 15 June 2024: The Road to Guantanamo Bay for Global Elite – Welcome to Guantanamo Bay, Home Sweet Home!

·        Sun. 25 April 2021 in a Fox News Hannity bombshell report Julian Assange claimed, “We have hard proof that President Obama ran a pedophile ring out of the White House.” Assange said that a Wikileaks email to Obama read that ‘a young boy the age of five will make the perfect catamite for the president. He will arrive from Romania on Tuesday. I’m sure the president will be pleased.’ 

·        BOOOM!!! Judy Byington Bombshell Report: Biden, Pelosi, Obama Charged with Treason, Collusion with CCP on 2020 Voter Fraud, Pedophile Ring Run out of the White House

·        The terrorist attack in Moscow was a MI6/CIA/US State Department Operation because ISIS “claimed responsibility,” while Obama had created ISIS.

·        Sat. 15 June 2024 Julian Assange said the CIA was responsible for paving the way for ISIS as he released more than half a million formerly confidential US diplomatic cables dating back to 1979. Assange also said a decision by the CIA, together with Saudi Arabia, to plough billions of dollars into arming the Mujahideen fighters in Afghanistan to tackle the Soviet Union, had led to the creation of terror group al-Qaeda. This is why they hate Julian Assange.

·        In a bid for illegal immigrants to vote for them the Dems went out of their way to prevent Trump from building the wall. They fought him tooth and nail over $5 billion for the wall, but have no problem sending $200+ billion to Ukraine.

·        The reason the Dems support Ukraine was that it was the center of the Cabal, Soros and Nazi activities of illegal US bio-weapon labs in underground tunnels used for Organ Harvesting, Gun Running and Child Sex Trafficking – which ran under a 200 acre property owned by Biden. Thousands of Children Rescued, Mutilated Bodies Recovered, from Biden-owned Ukraine Property Containing US Run Bio-Weapon Labs

·        HAARP was located in Alaska and was one of the Elite’s secret weapons for weather modification. The HAARP machine sends millions of volts of electricity into the ionosphere, heating up particles in the air and causing massive weather changes. The US Inc. govt has been messing with jet streams, cutting off countries from rain, blocking the Sun and causing many hurricanes, one of which was Katrina. This is why we see massive climate changes, snow in the summer & heat in the winter, but we are blamed and being charged in the name Global Warming.

·        Sat. 15 June 2024 The Cabal ramps up their Depopulation Agenda 2030 by pushing another untested dangerous vaccine on the World as Europe stockpiles 40 Million BIRD FLU Vaccines.

·        It has been discovered that the remains of humans, mainly children, who have been raped, tortured & murdered are in McDonald’s burgers and other fast food chains foods. That makes it all clearer: The Red Shoe Club, Adrenochrome and the nasty blood lips of Ronald McDonald. McDonald’s is a big name in the multigenerational Satanic Family of the Illuminati Zionist Cabal Deep State Global Elite. McDonalds Chain Closing Globally: Human Meat, Body Parts Found in Food.

·        President Lincoln is of the Kahlooni/Druze/Jesus bloodline. President Lincoln’s son Omar is JFK Sr, who was adopted into the Kennedy family, but by birth was of the Lincoln/ Kahlooni/ Druze/ Jesus bloodline.

·        President Lincoln’s other son is William Wallace. William Wallace’s son is General Patton. Trump was adopted into the Trump family but his real father is General Patton, making Trump by birth also of the Lincoln/ Kahlooni/ Druze/ Jesus bloodline.

·        Sat. 15 June 2024: BOOOM!!! Judy Byington Bombshell Report! White Hat Military Devolution Plan in Place. Arrest Wars Have Begun. Blackout Necessary. . .

·        Fri. 14 June 2024 Situation Update : NATO rejects Putin Peace Deal; Russia postures for Nuclear Strike:

A. Global Currency Reset:

Judy Note: Members of the Cabal are desperate for money, and they are targeting those involved in the Global Currency Reset. Be aware of anyone contacting you asking for personal information. It has been advised that “if you are contacted by any unknown party, please note their name and contact details. Do not provide any information or sign anything. Now is the time when many criminal individuals and organizations will try to obtain data.”

·        Sat. 15 June 2024 Texas Snake: “Folks there are numerous rumors the new IQD rate in country is to be announced and published in the newspaper in the morning and it is $5.32 there presently, bug this may be our start, but again maybe not, so stay tuned.”

·        Sat. 15 June 2024 Mike Bara: “I just heard from a bond broker who was waiting to be paid commissions by the US government for bringing in historic bonds. He said he would be paid on Tues.18 June 2024.”

Fri. 14 June 2024 Wolverine:

·        “It has started. A lot of Bond People are getting paid. It’s the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of this planet. I am absolutely overwhelmed. Looks like things are kicking off – I had three different intel saying Zurich has started. People are receiving notifications and having contracts signed, some are under NDA and will be waiting for their blessing by next week.  If you say that is not true, it is because it is not yet your turn. It is a process.

·        “Soon we will get messages to come through to be ready. I was quite emotional, because I am in that platform, soon I will be signing that NDA, but when that happens, I am sorry, you will not hear from me because I will have to shut down, but it depends on what the NDA says, what you can and cannot say, but if I cannot talk about Intel I cannot do the live chat, but If I can talk about it, I will do more live chats. 

·        I received another message from Brazil. They received their contracts, signed their NDA and they are waiting for their blessing.  One person from Colombia called me and said: “Wolvie, Wolvie, I received the email!  Oh my God, I received my email! This person has had a very hard time and barely able to survive and he was praising God that this was to finally come through. He will receive those funds by next week.  

·        I am not hearing much from Reno. Hopefully, I will get some news coming from there. The admiral needs to go first, so we will get news for the 4A group, that is a private for that group, so the Admiral needs to go first. 

·        Notifications should be coming out - HOLD ON. Just received a message that HE just received his blessing!) There you go guys, just got a pop-up message! It is a special code that describes his blessing. If you are a bondholder that registered with a group, it is coming your way as soon as they arrange payout for all of their members.

·        For the Tier4B, for currency/bonds, we just need those notifications. I am sure we will receive those notifications for currency on the weekend. I am very positive we will receive that notification. Some are asking about "why cell phone notifications"? That is for bondholders in groups. The leaders will have phone numbers for their members and send texts to all members. There is a different set up with different groups. In my group we have emails, most have emails.

·        Fri. 14 June 2024 member friend in Zurich: “Dear Mr XXY, I hope you have a good day. I would like to inform you of the good news soon. In addition to exclusively positive news, we can now see an amazingly positive bustle in the market. All official buyers are working feverishly to prepare files for settlement, and this month we can see the first ones. HARP first settles all types of dragons and HK-$, but only a few days later with German bonds and then currencies. What is important now is peace of mind on the part of the environment and, above all, intermediaries, confidential cooperation with the protection of all security interests, as well as good direct cooperation and communication between the sellers and Mr XY and/and you. As previously stated,: If you are contacted by any unknown party, please note their name and contact details, do not provide any information or sign anything. Now is the time when many criminal individuals and organizations will try to obtain data.

·        Fri. 14 June 2024 Source in Zurich: “Yesterday, the telegram channels blew up when one of the leaders of the Pentecostal group put out a YouTube video. People were overjoyed, emotional and I had hundreds of private messages coming to me. What’s App was blowing up… people were full of Joy. What we received is they have gone liquid.  It is purely liquid now and now they are on the verge of releasing those funds right now.

B. Global Financial Crisis:

·        Sat. 15 June 2024: 85,000 Users locked out of savings accounts at “YouTube Bank” as fears over bank failure grow:

·        Sat. 15 June 2024 Charlie Ward: “I’m talking to you from Dubai. The BRICS countries have just put embargos on the US and Israel. That’s never happened before because of the power of the Federal Reserve which has controlled countries by putting embargos on them. Now the tables have turned. It’s the power of BRICS now.”

·        Sat. 15 June 2024 Japan: The Bank of Japan has announced it will start reducing bond buying, following years of purchasing nearly every financial asset available. The financial market in Japan is broken.Things are moving in slow motion.

·        Sat. 15 June 2024 BRICS: Over $70B in Trade Will No Longer Be Settled in US Dollars:

·        Sat. 15 June 2024 European Stocks on track for worst week since October.

·        Sat. 15 June 2024 The Nasdaq hit a new all time high with 72% of Nasdaq stocks closing red, and twice as many new lows as new highs. – ZH

C. Sat. 15 June 2024 “Ken and Barbie vs. Goliath IRS” Update – The IRS:  the biggest most dangerous hoax in the history of the world?

Dear Patriot Friends and Family,

Satan is so clever. He knows how to seduce people into voluntarily following him.  Did you know that when you sign your 1040 Form you’ve actually signed a contract with the devil/IRS?  Speaking of contracts, who would you want to sign a lifetime contract with?  Your high school sweetheart?  Your spouse?  A Superbowl champion football team?  A deal with Hollywood?  Or, would you like to sign a lifetime contract with the IRS? 

On June 4th a jury found Ken not guilty on one count and guilty on two counts, with sentencing now scheduled for January 9th, 2025!?  Does that mean the Barbie & Ken vs Goliath IRS battle is over?  Answer:  Not even close.  Why?  Because our ultimate goal is to drive a stake through the heart of the life-blood sucking IRS and see it go down forever.  And that needs to happen through the Supreme Court.  “The power to tax is the power to destroy.”  (McCulloch vs Maryland – 1819)

So, the eight days of trial along with 1,700 pages of verbatim testimony sets up the appeal to the Circuit Court, which then can lead to the Supreme Court.  On Tuesday, June 18th, we will be filing seven motions for judicial acquittal with proof that the trial results and jurisdiction were unlawful. In other words, we’ve got them right where we want them.  However, in a corrupt game of judicial chess the sentencing has been delayed to January, which blocks our appeal because it is not allowed until after sentencing.  

Some may think that the trial proves that Ken and Barbara are just “lying tax cheats” but actually, what the trial proved is that no one, not IRS agents, not prosecutors, not even the judge were able to point at a law that requires us or most any American to file a federal income tax form.  I’ve challenged many accusers that claim I’m a lying tax cheat to prove it by taking a piece of paper and writing down the law they know I’ve broken and sign it under penalty of perjury.  No one ever has. 

Did you know that when you voluntarily sign your 1040 form you’ve agreed to a lifetime contract with the IRS?  In other words, if you had never signed a 1040 Form, they would have no claim over you.  Yes, you got tricked and you volunteered!  Can you un-volunteer?  Answer:  Remember, fraud voids any contract. 

In the case of Barbie & Ken, this 1040 contract has never existed.  Therefore the IRS fabricated what’s called “a substitute for return” (SFR) to create a tax liability that never existed.  In court the IRS was unable to produce a lawfully subscribed –USC Title 26 Section 6020(b) (signed under penalty of perjury) contract between us and the IRS and therefore proved for us that we were right.  However, the judge circumvented that proof with his jury instructions telling them that virtually everyone is liable to pay federal income taxes.  Therefore, the poor jury, though they deliberated for three days, was “required by their oath as a juror” to do what the judge told them to and had to vote me guilty on two counts.  Miraculously, the three-day deliberation resulted in at least one win, though clearly a number of jurors wanted three guilty verdicts. 

Is it really possible that no law to file federal income tax exists.  It takes a humble and intellectually honest person to realize that just because “EVERYONE” believes something doesn’t make it true.  “Surely, there’s a law that requires ‘everyone’ to file federal income taxes.  Just look at the two thick IRS Code volumes – all those laws!  Surely one of them must require filing federal income tax – right?”  But, that law does not exist.

Once you understand the IRS has no influence on your life by you volunteering with your signature on a 1040 Form - POOF!  Those two volumes of IRS Code books disappear.

But some say, “Well, how would we ever pay for government?”  Great question! Easy answer, “We pay for government the way the Constitution says, as we did for the first 124 years of our nation’s history - through duties, imposts, and excise taxes, which are on luxuries and imports, etc.

The Founding Fathers knew that the power to tax was the power to destroy their newfound nation.  Therefore, they made taxes difficult to impose and required that no income taxes were possible except through “apportionment”, which means that taxes for the federal government would be collected by the states and not the federal government.  The Founding Fathers knew this would help keep government small and focused on serving the people and protecting their God-given rights and for 124 years it was enough.  Government stayed small.  Government served the people.  Government didn’t think itself to be our god.  That’s all changed since 1913 and the birth of the IRS. 

Is it possible that little ol’ Barbie and Ken know more about the IRS law than IRS agents and the court doesn’t want you to know that they know the truth? 

The ONLY lawful federal income tax is the one that has not yet been created.  So, a trial was held during which the IRS prosecuting attorneys from Washington, D.C. claimed that I, Ken, had violated three specific IRS Codes but were never able to prove that I actually owe one penny because they couldn’t provide the contract signed by someone under penalty of perjury agreeing that the money is owed.  If I never owed federal income tax, then it’s impossible to be held accountable for any spin-off code violations.  Remember, I asked two veteran IRS agents who were under oath, “Can you point to the law that requires me to file federal income taxes?”  They both said, “No.” they couldn’t cite the law.  That was a 22-year veteran IRS agent and a 38-year veteran IRS agent.   Others similarly testified regarding that same fact.  However, the judge instructed the jury to the contrary, saying, in essence, that the IRS Code applies to virtually everyone and that therefore you must convict Ken Cromar. 

Therefore, in conclusion, it is a lie to claim that I, Ken Cromar, is a lying, anti-government, tax cheat, when the exact opposite is true, I love and support and promote Constitutional, limited government that serves the people, NOT enslaves the people.  Is it patriotic to pay your hard-earned money that you don’t owe to a government where it is wasted, grows tyrannical government bigger and to corrupt and treasonous leaders who spread corruption, death, and misery throughout the world -- IN OUR NAME, with our own money?  Is it possible that we as American taxpayers have innocent blood on our hands?

Is it actually more patriotic, when having learned there is no obligation to pay federal income tax, to obey the law, by not giving your money to a government that grows ever larger and spends this nation into massive debt, and spreads blood and horror throughout the world?  Those who give their money unnecessarily may be held responsible by God for what government does with that money.  So, what can we do about this great IRS hoax?  Remember, if you weren’t fully informed about the IRS “contract”, that’s FRAUD and the contract is bogus and VOID!  What can possibly kill the giant IRS?  Answer – the Supreme Court, by taking away its oxygen (Money$).  Even monsters have to breathe, or they die.  Take away their money, you take away their power and their oxygen, and they die. 

As you know, our nation is in deep trouble, and we are in decline.  The world is also in chaos and spinning out of control.  But, as per Matthew 24:30-31 and 42-46 (see below) there is no need to despair.  Keep calm!  Babylon is falling!  (See Revelations14:8)  Hallelujah!  As prophesied, the wicked of this world will destroy themselves.  That includes the IRS and corrupt governments everywhere.  Christ WILL return to rule and reign over a cleansed world for a thousand years of glorious peace during the millennium with his perfect government. 

Remember, “…Thus saith the Lord God…, let my people go, that they may serve me.”  Exodus 10:3  The price of freedom is not free.  It requires our sacrifice. 

Please continue to pray for the deliverance of our nation. And, for Barbara and I.  We face impossible odds?  Of course! But that’s when God performs his greatest miracles. 

Humbly and gratefully, Your Friend, Ken

·        Ken Cromar presently sits in jail having been found guilty of living in his own fully owned home and after proving in a Federal Tax Court that he owed no monies to the IRS. Despite the ruling in Cromar’s favor, the IRS sold his home at auction and threw away all his possessions including expensive camera equipment he used to make a living.

D. All Tom Fairbanks did was to spend much of his life gathering evidence on the Ritual Abuse of children in Utah. In early March 2024 he was arrested and placed in the Utah Weber County Jail. For what? The real reason for attacks on Tom appeared to be that the Powers That Be couldn’t afford to have someone with Tom's very valid evidence of SRA cases to be running around unchecked. Fairbanks’ problems began when he decided to take his evidence of Satanic Ritual Abuse of children to share with Utah governmental powers. No sooner had he done so when a tsunami of problems began to plague his life including being poisoned and suffering years of court battles on made up cases.

E.Sat. 15 June 2024: BOOM!!! Proof of NESARA GESARA: Donald Trump Proposes Abolishing Income Tax and Introducing Import Tariffs ,The NESARA GESARA agenda, short for the National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA) and the Global Economic Security and Recovery Act (GESARA), encompasses a wide range of reforms designed to overhaul the financial and legal systems. Below are the key components that define this ambitious plan:

1. Forgiveness of Debts

One of the most groundbreaking elements of the NESARA GESARA agenda is the forgiveness of credit card, mortgage, and other bank debts. This measure aims to rectify the damages caused by illegal banking practices and governmental activities. By erasing these debts, millions of Americans would experience immediate financial relief, fostering economic stability and growth.

2. Abolition of Income Tax and the IRS

Trump’s proposal includes the complete abolition of income tax, a move that would fundamentally alter the way Americans interact with their government. In place of income tax, the plan introduces a flat-rate sales tax on non-essential new items. This shift not only simplifies the tax system but also eliminates the need for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), streamlining government operations and reducing bureaucratic overhead.

3. Increased Benefits for Senior Citizens

Recognizing the contributions and needs of senior citizens, the NESARA GESARA agenda proposes significant increases in benefits for this demographic. This measure ensures that those who have spent their lives building the nation are adequately supported in their later years, enhancing their quality of life and financial security.

4. Return to Constitutional Law

A cornerstone of the NESARA GESARA reforms is the return to Constitutional Law. This initiative aims to restore the legal framework established by the Founding Fathers, ensuring that all judicial and governmental activities adhere strictly to constitutional principles. This return to foundational legal standards promises to enhance justice and fairness across all aspects of society.

5. New Elections and Election Monitoring

Within 120 days of NESARA’s announcement, the agenda calls for new Presidential and Congressional elections. These elections will be closely monitored to prevent illegal activities and the undue influence of special interest groups. By ensuring the integrity of the electoral process, NESARA GESARA seeks to establish a government that truly represents the will of the people.

6. Introduction of the “Rainbow Currency”

A new U.S. Treasury currency, known as the “rainbow currency,” will be introduced under the NESARA GESARA plan. This currency will be backed by precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, providing a stable and secure monetary system. The introduction of the rainbow currency is intended to eliminate inflation and stabilize the economy.

7. Elimination of the Federal Reserve System

The Federal Reserve System, a central element of the current financial structure, will be dismantled under the NESARA GESARA reforms. In its place, a new U.S. Treasury Bank System will be established, operating in alignment with Constitutional Law. This change aims to restore financial privacy and independence, reducing the power of centralized banking institutions.

8. Global Peace and Prosperity Initiatives

Beyond national reforms, the NESARA GESARA agenda includes measures to cease all aggressive U.S. military actions worldwide and establish global peace. This initiative reflects a commitment to resolving conflicts through diplomacy and cooperation rather than force. Additionally, the first phase of worldwide prosperity distribution will release vast accumulated wealth for humanitarian purposes, addressing global poverty and inequality.

F. The Real News for Sat. 15 June 2024:

·        On Sun. 19 May 2024 more than 100 Pennsylvania Army National Guard soldiers departed to mobilize to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. …The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram Sat. 15 June 2024

·        Sat. 15 June 2024 EPA sued for failing to prevent toxic PFAS in biosludge from contaminating and destroying farm lands across America.

·        Sat. 15 June 2024 Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin: “Our race is the Master Race. We Jews are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”

·        Fri. 14 June 2024 El Salvador burns 2.7 tons of cocaine that was confiscated by authorities, valued at $67.5 million.

·        Fri. 14 June 2024 New York Post: Six suspected terrorists with ISIS ties arrested in Sting Operation in New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Joe Biden is allowing terrorists into our country.

·        Reminder: If Elon Musk never bought Twitter, the algorithms never would have been changed, and the broader public would still be asleep. Most of the content in your feeds would not be there, and your favorite accounts would still be suspended. The shift we are seeing in public perception can be largely attributed to the liberation of Twitter and the construction of X. Trump’s approval/polling numbers would not be as high as they are if traditional TV MSM was the only source of news. Trump might not even be the GOP nominee if citizen journalists did not have the reach and influence that they do on X. Public perception is the game, and Elon gave us the tools to fight back against the corrupt MSM. It’s working.

·        Donald Trump proposes eliminating all income tax and replacing it with tariffs on imports if elected President

·        Sat. 15 June 2024: Former US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman is at GITMO charged with Treason and Crimes Against Humanity.

G. International Child Sex Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring Run Out of the Vatican and housed in China’s Three Gorges Dam in a 1500 mile tunnel that also runs between the Vatican and Jerusalem:

·        Sat. 15 June 2024 Spain: Judge Acquits Man Who Raped and impregnated 12-Yr-Old Because ‘Adult-Child Sex’ Is ‘Part of His Culture’:

·        Sat. 15 June 2024 Texas: TikTok star rabbi Hayim Cohen, who adopted 9 boys, has been charged with human trafficking and 11 counts of child sexual and physical abuse. Cohen was arrested for human trafficking at the Texas border with 8 children in a van.

·        Sat. 15 June 2024: Breaking Exclusive! Tucker Carlson & Alex Jones Break the Internet In Powerful Interview

H. Covid/Vax/Ebola/ Swine Flu/ Polio/ Small Pox/ BSE/ Zika/ Sars/ Monkey Pox/ AIDs/ Vax/ H1N1/ Graphene Oxide/ Chem trails/ Fluoride, Processed Foods, Human Clones Hoaxes:

·        Sat. 15 June 2024 Dr. Anthony Fauci officially wanted for murder. Criminal referral requests against Anthony Fauci and other public health officials have been submitted to District Attorneys in Louisiana. Dr. Fauci, along with current and former federal officers and hospital systems providing care in Louisiana, have been accused of committing crimes according to the Louisiana criminal code, including: Terrorism, by causing intentional killing or infliction of serious bodily Injury - First Degree Murder - Second Degree Murder – Manslaughter - Human Trafficking - Cruelty to Persons with Infirmities - False Imprisonment - Second Degree Kidnapping – Battery.

·        Sat. 15 June 2024 Europe Prepares for Another PLANDEMIC: 40 Million BIRD FLU Vaccines Stockpiled. Disturbing headlines are bringing back old memories to the beginning days of COVID. One reads, “With bird flu tests hard to get, how will we know when to sound a pandemic alarm?” Another says, “EU to secure 40 million avian flu vaccines for 15 countries - officials” The EU is “not screwing around,” remarked Highwire reporter Jefferey Jaxen. “People need to take this really seriously.”

·        Vaccine-Injured Pharmacist Breaks Down Into Tears Testifying Before Ohio State Senate. This is absolutely heartbreaking. “I was a father, a husband, a pharmacist, and a healthy person prior to being coerced into receiving the COVID vaccine ... I would never have taken the vaccine voluntarily.” Mike Yoha suffered from Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), a severe neurological disease associated with paralysis, after being coerced into taking the COVID shot. He says, "My liberty was violated when vaccine status discrimination forced me into taking a medical intervention that almost cost me my life. If we do not have the right to decline a known risk of death without facing discrimination or loss of employment, then we are no longer free. I implore the committee to vote yes on HB 319." Ohio House Bill 319, also known as the “Conscientious Right to Refuse Act,” aims to end “no jab, no job” policies for good. The legislation states that businesses, employers, health care providers, and other institutions CANNOT deny or terminate employment, deny services, or otherwise treat individuals differently based on their refusal of any biologic, vaccine, pharmaceutical, or gene-editing technology for reasons of conscience.

·        Sat. 15 June 2024 Australia Senate Hearing on Excess Mortality: Dr Jeyanthi Kunadhasan reports how Pfizer manipulated study results by hiding deaths in the vaccine group.

·        Japan's most senior oncologist prof. Fukushima: "Genetic vaccines are totally unacceptable. The introduction of trans genes into the human body is gene therapy. How can this be considered acceptable for creating vaccines? If you encapsulate mRNA in nanoparticles and administer it you only get off target effects starting from the ovaries, to the brain, liver, spleen and bone marrow. The biggest problem is going to the bone marrow, the reproductive organs like the ovaries and then every possible organ. The fact that spike proteins are still detected in the rash after more than a year makes it obvious that mRNA is producing spike proteins. There is no way for a year old spike protein to remain in the rash and be detected. I didn't choose to get vaccinated because I think it was a foolish decision from the beginning.

I. Illuminati Zionist Cabal Deep State Globalist Depopulation Agenda 2030:

·        Sat. 15 June 2024 Australia: "No one has been able to prove to me that human-produced carbon dioxide affects temperature... because they can't. They can't provide that evidence."Australian senator, Malcolm Roberts, exposes the "man-made climate change" scam in the Australian parliament.

J. BLOODLINES: All Family:

·        Omar (President Lincoln's son) is JFK Sr.

·        JFK Sr.’s brother’s father is William Wallace and President Lincoln’s son.

·        The two Kennedy Brothers were adopted into the Kennedy Family (Both brothers are Lincoln Kahlooni) by birth, not Kennedy’s.

·        Abraham Lincoln is a Kahlooni = Druze/Jesus Bloodline.

·        President Trump’s real Father is General Patton. Trump was adopted into the Trump family.

·        General Patton is William Wallace Lincoln Kahlooni's Son (William Wallace is President Abe Lincolns son).

·        Trump = Druze/Jesus/Bloodline

L. Sat. 15 June Wolverine for USA MEMBERS:

·        Please call 211 or go to if you are in need of ANYTHING related to people food, Dog food, housing, rent, mortgage, utilities, hotel stay, grant money, transportation, home weatherization, repairs for any handicap needs, legal assistance.

·        Tell 211 all the things you need, there is MULTIPLE programs available, also Medicaid in 19 states have government funding for 6 months of back or present rent (maybe mortgage)

·        Some of these names might not be the same for your area, just tell them your needs. Don't forget churches, St Vincent de Paul, Salvation Army and The Humane Society. Just keep searching and asking until our Event happens. You’ve got time.





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